J. F. Rabbit’s Veg Water

J. F. Rabbit's Veg Water

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ately I seem to spend most of my time blogging about infused water. In the last month or something I’ve talked about two different infuser bottles, and now I have the honour of all the hard work being done for me. I think I must sweat infused water now. I’m hydrated beyond belief. That said, I was still super excited when these treats from J. F. Rabbit popped through my letterbox. Or like, were left on my front step…

J. F. Rabbit do Veg Waters. They’re a little fed up of all that sugary, fruity stuff on the drinks market, and want to do something a bit different. That’s pretty admirable. Veg waters, sold as a mainstream drink, is pretty fresh stuff. They currently have a range of three flavours: cucumber, ginger and beetroot, and were kind enough to pop one of each in a beautifully decorated green box and send them my way.

Let’s just start with how cute the packaging is. Like, as a brand, the whole thing being called J. F. Rabbit is hella cute. Congrats on that. Also look at that little bunny guy doing all those fun things with vegetables on the bottle? Riding his little veggie aquatic devices through the water. I think my fave is the cucumber because, let’s be real, that little unicycle is going to go nowhere fast.

So shall we go through them one by one?

J. F. Rabbit's Veg WaterJ. F. Rabbit's Veg Water

I did a proper tasting session with my family re: these bottles. Wine glasses full of veg water, etc. All we needed was one of those tiny spit buckets and we’d be in business.

Let’s talk about the Cucumber Veg Water* first, as it is perhaps the most usual of the water flavours. We all know about chopping cucumber up and popping it in a glass of water (…or pimms). The flavour is so intense, though. Forget that washy cucumber taste you get from all that infusion rubbish, this stuff is the real deal. It’s like being punched in the face by a cucumber, but in a good way. It’s probably my favourite of the three waters, to be honest. I know that makes me sound super lame and boring, but it really is quite refreshing and flavoursome.

The Ginger Veg Water* was my favourite on first glance, and I was really excited to try it. Ginger is one of my all time favourite flavours. So zesty and firey and wow. Have you tried Parkin? Like, oaty gingerbread cake from Yorkshire? That stuff is the bomb. This Ginger water is fire. Maybe a little too fire, to be honest. I definitely couldn’t manage a whole bottle to myself – not in one sitting anyway. Ginger is a strong flavour and this is a very strong drink. Still, it was absolutely delicious.

Finally, the Beetroot Veg Water*. This was probably my least favourite. It had quite a weak flavour, and my dad compared it to water that had just been used to boil beetroot. That said, however, it was still pretty nice. While it wouldn’t be top of my list of ‘damn I’m super thirsty need to get me a drink’, if I was offered it, I would take it happily.

I think the hardest part, however, was getting over the fact that these waters aren’t sweet. You take your first sip expecting them to be like every fruity drink out there. You do come back down to earth with a bit of a bump when they’re actually really savoury drinks. Not in a salty savoury way, so you are still refreshed after drinking, but in a ‘wow these aren’t sweet’ way. It actually made me think a lot about how much sugar I have in my diet that I don’t know exists. We’re so used to all of our drinks being sweet that when they’re not, when they’re what they should be, we’re surprised and a little put off.

I’m going to be thinking a lot more about the hidden sugar in things from now on. Veg waters are just the start! A big thank you to J. F. Rabbit for that one.

J. F. Rabbit's Veg Water


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