I’ve Signed Up For A 10k

I've Signed Up For A 10k

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the last few years I have signed up for a total of two 10k races, neither of which I attended. One was the London Zoo 10k, the day after a massive storm that put all the trains out, and the other was the Sunderland 10k which turned out to be impossible to get to when I actually sat down and thought about it (the morning of…).

So when I saw this latest 10k I had to check myself, before I wrecked all £35 of myself.

The race in question is the London Winter Run, 2017. It’s going to be held on the 5th Feb, in London (surprisingly) and Ollie is going to be running it too. So far my only excuse not to go will be that I suddenly can’t get down from Durham but I doubt that will happen. I’m quietly confident in my chances of making the day.

I actually love running.

You wouldn’t know to look at me and I haven’t actually done it in months, but I love to run. When I do run, and get over the fact that I might die any moment of stitch/lack of breath, I actually love to run.

In my final year of school, and first year of uni, I ran a lot. I ran every single day. I ran early in the morning. I ran in the pouring rain. I ran at 11 at night in the middle of winter. I ran quick runs, I ran long runs, I just bloody loved to run.

In second year I lived in a bit of a meh place and found running quite boring because I just jogged around retail parks and there weren’t any fun hills or whatever. I moved indoors and did a lot of interval work on the treadmill and got my fix that way. It was actually really good and I didn’t miss outdoors runs too much.

In Paris, I stopped. I stopped dead. In my entire 10 month stint, I must have run about four times. Maybe five. Don’t get me wrong, when I did, I adored it. There’s nothing like a midnight run down by the Seine. But I just didn’t do it. I was unhappy and lonely and just couldn’t face being bad at something, and having not run in months and months I knew I just wouldn’t be fit enough to enjoy it properly. I paid for a gym membership that I faffed about in a little, and I gained over a stone in comfort weight. I’m a mess. I feel like I’ve let myself down. My self worth is through the floor.

Enough self-pity from me. I’ve done that all summer. Since I got back in July my whole life has revolved around the fact that I was unhappy and comfort eating and whatever, and I’ve let myself have the time I’ve needed to just relax and breathe. It’s almost October and enough is enough. I’m bored of resting and relaxing and getting over myself. I want to get my head back in the game.

So, here we are back at the 10k.

In February I’m going to run a 10k.

Last time I picked up running again, I went from 0k to 10k in about two months. Granted I was a lot fitter back then, but whatever. I have four months and I’m going to do it. No problem.

(Also, lol, remember this post that I wrote well over a year ago about the things we all think of while running? What a blast from the past!)



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