I’ve Just Unfollowed A Load Of Big Instagram Stars

I've Just Unfollowed A Load Of Big Instagram Stars
I've Just Unfollowed A Load Of Big Instagram Stars

You know the ones: a million instagram followers, always in Bali and Paris, always eating the most amazing looking meals while continuing to look amazing and tanned in their off the shoulder dresses. No shade, truly. But it’s making me sad.

I’m all for inspirational bloggers and instagrammers. Hell, if I could, I’d be one myself.

Lately, however, I’ve been doing my early morning scroll through instagram and starting the day all wrong. I’ll hit like on a few pics and then stare blankly at one of these insta goddesses, before falling out of bed and into a pile of dirty clothes and old mugs. Back to my reality with a literal bump.

Instagram is art, I get that. The filters on my insta pics would make anyone look good so I truly understand that instagram is a big ol’ lie most of the time. I didn’t have avo toast for breakfast in bed this morning. I actually overslept and forgot to brush my teeth but you don’t need to know that.

But being constantly saturated with images of people living their best life (literally anyone’s best life) is such a downer when you have to actually live in the real world and your housemate has left a load of spinach in the sink for you to fish out.

I’m not a bronzed goddess sipping from a coconut, and neither are any of my friends (sorry, team), and I actually spend most of my time either a sweaty mess or a sweaty mess. Always a damn sweaty mess.

I’m trying to get across that the idea of this post isn’t to have a go at the big-grammers because I’m genuinely happy for them. I’m writing this post because unfollowing them has helped me with my own mental health and generally made me feel less like crying before 8am on a Tuesday.

When I scroll my feed now, sure a few people made the cut and could stay, but most of the pics that come up are pretty normal.

My criteria for following someone, despite them being a huge star, is whether or not they’re ever at home. It’s all very well going on amazing trips, but where do you actually live?! I want to know that you’re at least a normal person with a flat that needs cleaning and stuff in the fridge, even if you are made of sunlight. Have a think about your fave instagrammers – do you ever see them having any down time? Do they ever say anything other than ‘beach vibes’ in their captions?

I've Just Unfollowed A Load Of Big Instagram Stars

I've Just Unfollowed A Load Of Big Instagram Stars
I've Just Unfollowed A Load Of Big Instagram Stars

What do they add to your life by following them? And what do they take away?

When I look at the pics that a lot of insta-stars throw up, I feel shit. I feel like I’ll never make it in this online world because of a million different reasons: I have no money and I’m not tiny and lean and my hair doesn’t tumble like a waterfall of gold onto my bronzed shoulders. I don’t fit the mould that seems to have been created by instagram. You can only be a success if you follow these rules about your life, etc.

Starting your day feeling completely inadequate is a pain in the arse, and so is finishing it. It ruins everything. It knocks your confidence and that reflects in how you carry yourself throughout the day.

You’d be surprised how great I feel now that a few of these accounts are out of the way. I don’t compare my own instagram and blog to nearly as many people, and I go about my day feeling altogether more normal and okay with the idea that walking past H&M might be the most exciting thing to happen to me that day. I feel a lot more content with who I am and the content I create.

I don’t believe that being ‘relatable’ is the be all and end all of blogging. I think blogging wouldn’t work if we were all doing the same mundane stuff. We need a little bit of sparkle to keep the medium alive, and to keep the buzz. There’s no need for a relatable v. inspirational debate when they’re both equally important.

But most important is your own mental health. If you want to follow the goddesses of instagram then hooray! And if you don’t, you don’t have to.

After all, instagram is just an app on your phone. That’s all it is. It shouldn’t be making you sad. x

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