I’ve Had One Of THOSE Weeks, TBH

I've Had One Of THOSE Weeks, TBH
I've Had One Of THOSE Weeks, TBH

Y’know those weeks where absolutely nothing goes right? That.

The last 7-10 days have just been so bloody average, and I’ve been a bit of a mess. Getting the wrong tube, tripping over every five steps, getting back rubbish marks for essays – name it and it has happened this week. Nothing so major that we should be worried, but just loads of tiny things that constantly annoy me and make me feel constantly rubbish.

Honestly, it has just been a really average 10 days. Not the worst, but just so bang average.

I’m back from Central America. Ollie is still there, living the high life in Guatemala, probably climbing up a volcano as we speak. I’d give my left leg to be there with him rather than at my desk in Durham, in my red hot room writing up notes about First World War poetry. Beautiful stuff, a horrible four years, but honestly just not what I want to be doing right now.

I’ve also had a few nice little job rejections. I’ve dropped most of my food all over the floor most days by accident. I’ve tripped up and down stairs. I’ve gone out in a summer dress, forgot my chub rub antidote, and then been hit by a thunderstorm. Wow.

I’ve really had one of those weeks, haven’t I?

I've Had One Of THOSE Weeks, TBH

I've Had One Of THOSE Weeks, TBH
I've Had One Of THOSE Weeks, TBH

Will I ever stop holding my hair in photos?

I didn’t write this post to sit and complain and be the worst. I wrote it because I really like these photos and had no real reason to use them. A nice little moany post was probably the easiest thing to write, especially as I have so much on my plate, so this is what you’ve got! Ha! Lucky you!

So no, this post won’t be shared a million times and go viral. And it doesn’t have any hard hitting advice or groundbreaking thoughts – it’s just little old me sitting down heavily on my sofa in front of Love Island and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

On the bright side, all this boring stuff has seemed to have passed me by now. I’ve been to the gym a few times and put on some makeup every other day and done some work. The diss work I was stressed about got some great feedback and I’m going to book a hair appointment on Monday for the next week or two because I’m thinking I need a bit of a refresh to keep me motivated.

You know when things are just a bit stale and you need something to give you a kick?

A fresh lid (lol), some nice little collabs coming up on here, and we’re all good. Just have to keep ticking along, doing a nice bit of work every day and applying for jobs when I feel like I probably should. All good in the hood. x

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