The Importance Of Making Hard Copies

The Importance Of Making Hard Copies The Importance Of Making Hard Copies

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]‘ve always been a fan of the joy of online photo storing and sharing. Blogs, facebook, twitter and instagram, all keeping our memories safe and ready to bring up at any moment. But are they actually that safe? What if, touch wood, instagram shuts us down? What if we forget our passwords too many times? What if one day it all just goes away? Well, that’s where this post comes in.

Making hard copies of my photo memories is something I try to do once a year. I did it for all my Paris photos this time last year, and have done the same for all of my 2016/2017 photos. Think graduation pics, Marrakech stuff, general memories of friends and family, and a few of my favourite instagram snaps.

In my living room at home we have a box of photographs, all black and white or sepia tone, and all annotated on the back by my grandma with details of who they were and where they were taken. It’s lovely – a real slice of family history in one box.

When I’m old I want the chance to look back at my favourite memories, without the hassle of skipping through the rubbish I’m tagged in on facebook. I want something tangible that I can show people and share my memories with.

My two main modes of creating hard copies are my trusty Instax camera, for spur of the moment shots, and ordering prints from sites like Cheerz. I actually use their app. (I must stress that this post is NOT sponsored in any way by Cheerz.) I like their prints because they’re great quality, relatively cheap, and really easy to make. It all connects to your phone and social media channels, and then all you have to do is adjust a few sizing issues and hit order! They come super quick and are just lovely to have.

This year I’ve decided to pop all of my favourite photos into an album, where they’ll be kept safe. On the back of each photo is the date they were taken, who’s in the photo, and any details that need to be remembered. For example, my fave one of myself and Ollie at graduations reads, ‘Me + Ollie, graduation 2017’.

I’m really looking forward to next year when I can share even more wonderful photo memories with you all.

The Importance Of Making Hard Copies


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