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So I adore anything Geordie Shore, and adore Vicky Pattison even more. Her latest transformation has been breathtaking and when she started her own nutrition company I felt the need to have a go myself!

To kick off the first edition of my new ‘Imii tries…’ feature I thought what better than a weight loss supplement. Vicky’s Mini:Burn to be precise. So here we go, me trying weird things so you don’t have to!

I have to admit, when it comes to things like this I’m a massive skeptic. Probably rightly so in most cases. I went into this thinking eugh £25 for a caffeine pill well yolo #studentloan.


On the website VIP Vicky claims these little capsules to offer energy and motivation (the caffeine) as well as assisting weight loss (green tea, etc.). These little supplements have absolutely rave reviews and LOADS of people attribute their weight loss success to them. But are they really worth the hype?

I’m going to be honest with you, there are enough capsules in one bottle to last a month and I have not yet used them all. I am writing this ‘Imii tries’ about two weeks in. Maybe my opinion of them will change in another two weeks but who knows.


The website and back of the bottle advises two capsules a day, one in the morning before breakfast and one six hours later. Fair enough. On training days (that is days you go to the gym/play sports/whatever) take two 30mins before. Again, fair enough.

When these first arrived on my doorstep I thought ‘hey, why not start straight away?’ I stupidly took two at about 7pm and almost immediately I felt it kick in. There really is quite a bit of caffeine in these capsules. I was actually shaking. I’m not sure I liked it. I’m really not sure that I liked it. It made me feel so on edge and uncomfortable and Ollie was even worried about me.

miniv3But I’m not one for giving up. At all. So I persisted. One in the morning when I woke up and one at around lunch time. Two before workouts on training days. Motivation wise they did what they said on the tin. I woke up and instantly thought ‘am I going to the gym today?’ and then, more often than not, decided that I was and that I would wait to take my capsules. That said, by the time the gym came around I wasn’t up for it and had forgotten to bring them with me and just went home. On days that I did remember them I did go workout though so I guess that counts?

I feel like I’m being quite harsh about these supplements – I guess I was expecting more from them and am a little disappointed. On the other hand, on the days I took these pre-workout I did have a lot of energy and did absolutely smash it – like 100% smash it. Caffeine is a great thing when utilised. I really did find that I could push just that little bit harder.

On the days that I didn’t train, however, I got nothing from these capsules. No caffeine kick, no real motivation other than maybe to eat a little better (standard placebo) and I know that had I eaten a normal diet and not exercised I probably would not have lost weight (I lost a little because of my recent health kick). They also made my throat feel a bit cold and achey so that wasn’t especially pleasant.

So after all that, would I recommend Mini:Burn?

Ummm… yeah I don’t know. I really love these before a workout because I do love the caffeine kick, but as an every day thing I’m just not sure I can be bothered. They did very little to motivate me and really a cup of tea would cover the morning caffeine rush sufficiently – make it a green tea and you’ve got the metabolism boost in there too!

£25 is a lot for a pink box of ProPlus and that is essentially what they felt like to me (I’m a student, I know my way around a caffeine pill…) I’m going to keep using them until I finish the bottle but only as a pre-workout thing, not for the everyday.

Its up to you entirely what judgement you make – I’m not great at motivation making so maybe they’ll work better for you. For £25 you can buy a lot of green tea and coffee.



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