I’m Exhausted

I'm Exhausted

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he only thing better than hot chicken nuggets and garlic dip, is cold chicken nuggets and garlic dip. Yeah, you heard me. Wanna take this outside? Nah, didn’t think so. You know I’m right. Look into your heart. You know it to be true. It’s part of you, part of me, part of everyone. Cold chicken nuggets, still in their polystyrene box thing, with a big tub of white garlic sauce, in bed with Travel Man and a big tea.

So that’s what I’m doing right now.

And yeah, I’ll watch the Lena Dunham in Tenerife one because I’m binging all of them, but I won’t enjoy it. I promise.

Prior to these chicken nuggets, I’ve eaten a whole punet of blueberries, a Hartley’s jelly pot, and a twix. I feel like shit. My head feels really weird – like the start of a headache except for like two hours – my eyes are struggling to stay open, and it’s only 7pm on Tuesday night. In short, I’m absolutely exhausted.

And what have I done today? Other than go to a doctor’s appointment that turns out to actually be tomorrow, not today? Nothing. Literally nothing. The dissertation deadline gets closer and yet here I am, in bed, where I’ve been all day, with nuggets.

It’s ironic that these nuggets will probably make me feel worse but whatever.

I’m exhausted.

Having said a few days ago that I was trying to pick myself up, I’m really not doing a great job. Shout out to me for falling at the first hurdle.

Can you tell I’m all round not feeling right? I’m really stressed about the whole diss thing. I’m exactly half way through and have exactly 14 days to write the other half, edit it, print and bind it before handing it in. Yet here I am having spent the whole day in bed. Tragic.

I’ll get it done. But first I’m going to get an early night and go to my actual appointment tomorrow morning.

I really need to get round to telling you all what my dissertation is actually about! Maybe that can be my next procrasti-post? I think it’s really interesting so hopefully at least one of you will too. You get to see the academic side of my life (arguably the largest side of my life) for a change – move over cups of tea, makeup and photos of Marrakech.

I’ve already worked out the staging and captioning of my diss hand in photo. Don’t judge me.

Lol, I’ve done everything except actually sit down and write words. Just another 6000 to go…

Man, I’m so tired.

That’s the problem with stress: you don’t know you’re stressed until you suddenly realise it, and then you can’t do anything about it because it’s happened and you’re there and argghhh. My normal attitude towards stress is purely preventative. If and when it does come I just push through and it’s all fine, as it will be this time too.

It’s also not ideal that I’m not going to see Ollie for at least a month, almost two as of a week ago. So that’s pretty fun too.

I’m just so tired.

And I’m so guilty because I don’t deserve to be tired because I’ve literally done nothing today, and I slept so well last night.

And now I’ve finished my nuggets and I’m really sad about that.

Imii out.


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  • Zara says:

    Keep your head up gal, you will get the diss done! Sometimes you just need a rest day though so definitely don’t feel bad about being a bit unproductive today xx

  • Michelle says:

    We all have those days when we feel exhausted for no reason. You will get through this though and feel better once you do. You can reward yourself with chicken nuggets afterwards too! hehe ♥


  • I was in *such* a similar place to you a few years ago. I don’t wanna be that person, but a few years ago I was in my final year of Uni…I wrote my entire 12,000 word dissertation the night before it was due in because I procrastinate like crazy (it took me 16 hours and was legit the most stressful 16 hours of my life, but I got a 2:1 so all good). You’ll get it done, you’ll hand it in, you’ll ace it, and then you’ll do what I do now and look back and be like ‘lol remember that time I had barely any time to finish my diss?’

    Totally get the relationship thing too, I used to be in a LDR when I moved back to the UK, and regularly not seeing the person you love for like 3 months at a time SUCKS. My top tip is to keep yourself busy while you can’t see him…like as busy as possible. Get your disso done and then stay as busy as possible (but make time for you every so often too – do the things that you love that maybe he doesn’t enjoy etc).

    Good luck!!! You got this!

    C x

  • Caroline Malone says:

    Keep your head up! Nothing is more incredible than the feeling when you hand in your dissertation, trust me and it will be worth while in the end. It’s hard to get over that hurdle where you feel like your in a funk with it, but just think of the finish line! xx


  • Aimee Julia says:

    I can really relate to this – because I’ve been massively struggling with my mental health recently (anxiety and depression) and the only way I can describe is that I feel exhausted. Each and every day, I feel exhausted. Whether I’ve done FA or loads. Whether I’ve just woken up or been up for hours. I know how you feel. I’m sure once you’re dissertation is handed in, you’ll start to feel better. But don’t beat yourself up about it – sometimes we need days to ourselves, even if we have a deadline looming! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • dreamofadventures says:

    You just have to keep moving forward and not stop. You needed a day to be lazy and not do anything and I’m sure your body is thanking you for taking it easy =o) You’re almost done just keep going =o)


  • charlotte samantha says:

    I feel you girl!! But sometimes you just need a day or two like this to actually let your body rest!

    Keep going lovely!!

    CharlotteSamantha // http://www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

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