I, Imii, take you, Imii….

I really am terrible at forming and sticking to healthy beauty habits and regimens.

So when I saw the fabulous Emma’s post about her 10 Beauty Resolutions for Spring/Summer I thought ‘damn, I wish I’d thought of that.’ In her post, Emma vows to stop using heat on her hair so much, to drink more water, and to really take care of herself. At the end she asks us to think about our own beauty resolutions and, honestly, I think that this is the best post idea ever! (Emma, I cannot speak highly enough of your post!)

So, right here, today, I’m going to make a commitment to myself. From now until September forever I am going to really focus on looking after myself, my body and mind!
Fingers crossed you’ll be as inspired as I was by Emma! (Seriously, check out that post! I won’t shut up about it ’til you do!)

1 // Lets start with the body
I think its very fair to say that I am just awful at doing things like shaving, moisturising, exfoliating and everything else. Seriously, I just don’t do it. I shaved my legs for the first time this YEAR last week. Now I’m all for women growing whatever hair they want, but the truth is I don’t want it – I’m just lazy. Also it was WINTER! I’ve been living in jeans and long sports leggings for months!
So fixing this is actually quite easy. All I have to do is grow a pair and sort myself out. The skin on the rest of my body is just as important as the skin on my face and I need to make sure it knows that I appreciate it.
From now on, body, I’m going to pamper and polish you to perfection because you deserve it. 

2 // Food for thought
Food is a big problem for me. When I eat badly I feel bad and because I feel bad, I eat badly. Nothing defines ‘vicious cycle’ like my relationship with food. Getting out of that cycle is the hardest thing in the world, and getting back in can be done without even thinking. Bad times.
But, what I’m slowly coming to realise is that bad food is neither a gift or a punishment. My body wants what it NEEDS. Cutting out animal products has made me really aware of what I’m putting in my body and what makes it feel and look good!
From this day forward, body and soul, I am going to nourish and protect you and give you all that you need.

3 // Frankie says relax
So I told you all in my post about Accepting Myself that I find relaxing the hardest thing in the world. This is obviously not a good thing – being permanently stressed and wound up is not ideal. So, what am I going to do?
Well, I’m going to do and own less. When I get back up to Durham I’m going to have a big clear out of all the things that I just don’t need (y’know those things you buy and just don’t touch?)
Furthermore, I’m going to focus on giving myself the ever-clichéd ‘me time’. Last term I did a lot of yoga before bed and those are the nights I slept better than ever before. As with everything, essays took over and yoga turned to late night library sessions. No matter, this is a new term and a new, relaxed, Imii.
I promise to declutter my space and soothe my soul by any means possible so that I may find moments of peace.

4 // Fun, fun fuuurrrnnn
This last one is to show the lighter side of the coming sunshine and freedom (post exams).
I am going to learn how to have fun, properly. This is something I’m not great at. I’m great at worrying, I’m great at doing organised fun, I’m not great at getting drunk and dancing. It just doesn’t appeal to me – probably all the worry.
So lets address this. I don’t need to actually change myself, I just need to change my attitude.
Its okay for me to struggle with more student-esque fun. It honestly 100% is. I hate drunk people and pretending to laugh at jokes and high pitched girls that just want to hug and cry and yeah while occasionally I do/am all three, its just not my jam. I’m going to learn to be content with doing what I find fun, with people that make me feel good.
Imii, you are important in unconventional ways and that’s okay. I promise to never force you into uncomfortable places and to look after you on night’s out.

I really do hope that you’re as inspired as I was.
Reflection and planning are two of my favourite things to do so I loved writing this post!
What do you want to achieve purely for yourself this spring/summer?




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  • emmabydesign says:

    Thank you so much for your love for my post Imii! I’m so glad it inspired you to write your own list of resolutions, which are all great by the way! Hope you get on well following them all 🙂 xx

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