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Home Details

I’m finally starting to get my flat to vaguely resemble something other than a big white box.

I adore my Parisian flat. I love every single thing about it. Seriously, everything. But, it is quite white. It’s not a bad thing, but also after three days inside, trapped by the rain, the walls kinda do start to cave in on you a bit. It’s chill, though.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the few little things that keep my happy and human!

Every Sunday is market day for me. I wake up, whack on the hot water and the kettle, make a massive mug of tea and then walk out the door without drinking it. Off I go to the market, 10€ note in hand, to pick up the next week’s flowers. By the time I’m back, my tea is a drinkable temperature, the water is hot enough to shower, etc., and I’m a happy bunny. At the moment tulips and slightly curly roses seem to be in, so I went for these gorgeous pink blooms – 9€ for 10 stems.

I also always have a little candle for when I have to focus or relax. Gentle scents and relaxing flickering lights, perfect! This particular candle is called ‘Blue Daisy’ and has a lovely fresh scent. It was a Valentine’s present from Ollie and I have it burning all the time – can’t get enough.

Home Details

This little elephant was a gift from my little sister after she spent three weeks in Zambia. He doesn’t have a name but he just chills on my bedside table, guarding my cups of tea. The coaster was a present from mum when she first came out to visit me. I was having a really rubbish time in Paris and she saw this in a craft fair and picked one up for me. The coast speaks the ultimate truth: tea literally is the answer to everything.

Draped over my wardrobe I have a huge string of fairy lights. They loop over the wardrobe twice and make the room feel just that little bit more cosy and pretty. I think they’re my favourite part of my flat, to be honest. They also provide a little bit of sparkle for the odd blog photo! Nearby, on my TV stand, I have my three little fake plants in gorgeously crisp white pots. These are a new addition to my collection and I’m so excited to get them involved in more blog photos and insta shots!

Home Details

What little bits make you feel at home?
What do you do to accessorise your blank spaces?


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