My Holiday Reading List

My Holiday Reading List My Holiday Reading List

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s I’m currently away enjoying the Canadian sunshine and scenery, reading is high on my list of things to do. Just imagine it, a long afternoon by a crystal clear blue lake, surrounded by bears and stuff, enjoying a good book. What an absolute treat. Are you jealous? I definitely would be. It sounds like absolute bliss.

But what’s on my list for these two Canadian weeks?


As you know, I’m a big Bill Bryson fan. Durham Uni library is named after him, and I’ve spent a lot of time writing essays in him (lol) and I’ve read a hefty number of his books. His series on Britain (Notes From A Small Island, etc.) kept me going through the homesickness last year in Paris. This time I’ll be reading all about his travels in Europe. I’m excited to get stuck in.


I’ve been really loving listening to The Guilty Feminist at the moment. For those who aren’t in the know, TGF is a podcast created by comedian Deborah Frances-White. It’s particularly brilliant because it makes you feel better about all the times you were a little less than feminist, the times you got it wrong, and the times you just need a pick-me-up. Sara Pascoe is a regular guest host and she’s just fabulous. Animal is basically an ‘autobiography of the female body’ and promises to be moving, funny and informative. I can’t wait.


I’m actually half way through this one already, so am on the brink of finishing. It’s basically about two brothers in 1348, catching the plague and then travelling forward in time every day, 99 years at a time. Sounds a bit bizarre, but as a bit of a history nerd, I’m pretty hooked. As far as I’m concerned the details are pretty accurate and the story is gentle and interesting. While Theologically I’ve found a few bits concerning, I’m pretty content, and am looking forward to getting a bit more read. Would I recommend it? Yes. Yes I would.


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