High End Vs. Highstreet: BB Creams

Summer is well and truly on the way so naturally everyone is running around trying to find a lighter base – I have two favourites


I mentioned Rimmel’s Radiance BB Cream (£6.99/30ml) last week as one of my April Favourites so naturally I love it. But how does it compare to another (rediscovered) BB love of mine: Mac’s Prep+Prime BB Cream (£24/40ml). Obviously Mac’s offering comes in at quite a bit more monies than Rimmel, but how does it compare?

The first thing that strikes you about the difference between these two great products is the texture – in fact, it was that realisation that led to me writing up this post! Mac’s cream is just so smooth and fluid, more like a silky liquid foundation than a tinted moisturiser. It glides over the skin so easily and really melts into the surface, giving a flawless look. Rimmel, while providing equally good coverage, does take a little extra effort to buff into my skin. Once buffed in, it does look fabulous and there is the radiance promised by Rimmel!

What about the colour? So in Mac’s BB I have the shade ‘Extra Light’ and in Rimmel I have ‘Light’ and the difference in colour is very obvious – even though both suit me equally well. Mac’s colour (left) is a lot more ashy than the slightly orange tinge of Rimmel (right), so typical of cheaper cosmetic products. That said, the orange does match me well so who am I to complain at £6.99?


Lets talk about my favourite thing: sun protection in makeup. As you know, I am a sucker for built in SPF (I burn so so easily that if I don’t wear some kind of SPF I end up like a tomato…) To be honest, because all of my makeup contains some kind of SPF, Rimmel’s factor of 20 is definitely perfect for these sunny spring days and England’s crappy cold summers. Mac’s SPF 35 is absolutely amazing though, and is higher than most people wear on holiday (I’m an SPF 50 girl myself). As the face is such a delicate area I’m absolutely blown away by this! I think this is the one I’ll be popping in my luggage for Bali.

So overall, what’s the verdict? Well…

I feel bad for saying this as I’m normally so pro-budget, but I do prefer the Mac BB Cream. Rimmel have really outdone themselves with the Radiance BB and I do adore it – especially for quick application for lectures and trips to the gym. However, if I was looking for something a bit special, maybe for a day out in the sun, I’d go for the Mac every time. The application and melt into my skin is just to die for!

What’s your favourite light base?


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