Here’s What I’m Worrying About Right Now

Here's What I'm Worrying About Right NowHere's What I'm Worrying About Right Now[left]Here's What I'm Worrying About Right Now[/left] [right][dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere’s the thing: I’m a worrier. Not to be confused with warrior, although that would be badass. Nope, I just worry. No cool Mulan stuff for me. I’m more of a sit in bed and worry about all the things I’m avoiding by sitting in bed kinda gal. If China were in trouble I definitely would not be able to do anything about it. I’m sorry.

But seriously, I worry a lot. So much so that I am the least fun person to go out drinking with because even when buzzed I’m checking that my keys are in my pocket and that everything is okay, constantly. I’m cool with it.

Part of the worrying thing may have something to do with my generalised anxiety. That would make a lot of sense. 

Actually though, I think a lot of it is just because that’s who I am. I’m sensible. I always have been and always will be. I am a Ravenclaw to my bones and I’m totally okay with that. I’ve embraced who I am. Worriers of the world, unite!![/right]

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Shall I write a list?

1. I’m never going to own a house or flat or cupboard or anything. Ever.

I’m 23 and the economy is the economy and I’ve got a 2.1 in Theology from one of the best universities in the country and will soon have a masters in Theology from that same university and none of that is worth anything because the average deposit in London is like £85k and basically what’s the point in even trying to save for something worth that much money. Y’know? So yeah, that’s worrying me right now, and forever.

2. Is doing an MA even worth it? 

This one isn’t really worrying me that much because realistically it makes no difference either way (see above). Still, sometimes I wonder if I should, oh I don’t know, get a job or something. Education is fun though. Idk.

3. Why does my hair look so stupid when I try to curl it?

Like, it’s a lob like everyone else’s. What’s the deal? I’ll get over it.

4. I will need to get a job at some point but have no idea what I want to do, still. 

Do I want to be a lawyer like half of my friends? I don’t think so. Do I want to work in marketing? I don’t know. Do I want to never ever get a job? Yes. That would make life easier. Would it actually make my life easier? No. What would make my life easier? A job and some money. What job would you like to do? I have no idea. You get the idea. Round and round and round.

5. I can never find shoes that don’t rip my feet apart.

My feet are covered in scabs and scars and blisters and callouses and are genuinely disgusting to behold. This is because I have very small, very wide, and very tall feet. The dream team. Something that genuinely keeps me awake at night is the idea that I may be in pain forever. Like, I may never find a selection of shoes that I can wear constantly and happily. Even ugg boots have been known to make my bleed through a good pair of socks. I’m serious.

6. The humid weather lately has made me really sweaty and what if being sweaty is my life now, forever?

Black clothes forever, am I right? x


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  • Izzy K says:

    Honestly, girl, same! I’m such a worrier (wish I was a warrior too though) and I can totally relate. Wow the house prices in London though, I had no idea it was that much! But I’m a strong believer that whatever is meant to be will be. You work very hard and it will all pay off xxx

  • Sasha says:

    Ha! I loved this! I’ve just turned 32 and my worry list is still, much the same as yours – so fret not, pun intended. I find that worry is often associated with planner types like myself. I always like to know what I’m doing, or at least what I plan to be doing, but, rather annoyingly, life has this funny way of not going to plan. Life will be what it is, we just have to roll with it.

  • Zara says:

    Haha not gonna lie I loved this post! I worry about so many things to so it was definitely relatable! Especially being sweaty, I genuinely worry when I wear grey clothes in the morning that it might suddenly get really hot and I’ll get sweaty and that’s just not even funny. xx

  • Ellie | PetiteElliee says:

    LOVED how honest this post was but BABE you need to stop worrying so much! Sometimes you just gotta live

    Ellie xx

  • Omg I feel you with number 1, 3, and 5. The only friends I have who have bought property got massive handouts from their parents. I’m way too proud to accept money from my parents and want to do it ALL by myself, but it’s so hard to save when my rent takes up half my income every month :'(

    C x
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  • Very Much Mia says:

    So so relatable! I’m the BIGGEST worrier and over thinker- it’s definitely one of my faults. Just reading #4 makes me feel a bit anxious, haha!

    Mia |

  • Lucy says:

    I have a lob as well, and mine always seems to look stupid when I curl it and it constantly bothers/worries me – I feel ya girl!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Aimee Julia says:

    Yep – I can totally relate to this! Isn’t generalised anxiety a dream?! I like to think things will just fall into place eventually, but I recently turned 27 and so far I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. Just keep doing what you’re doing, working hard and, I’m sure, things will settle soon! x x

  • I totally relate to that first one, it’s pretty much the one worry I always have in the back of my mind 🙁

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