The Golden Couple

The Golden Couple

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]‘m really into gold. Gold jewellery, golden makeup, gold everything. The big reason behind this is because silver makes me look like the ghost of Christmas future, but also gold is pretty nice. Glam but not tacky – unless, like, it is. Y’know what I mean? Anyway, everything I own is gold and that’s cool. I couldn’t picture my life any other way. I’m golden forever. None of that silver stuff.

It only makes sense, then, that my two fave bits of makeup are gold themed. I said the other day that my go-to eye look is to just cover my lid with gold and hope for the best, and these two products are no exception.

Bobbi Brown’s Beige Gold Shimmer lipstick is my absolute number one for subtle party lips – or subtle any time lips, to be honest. It’s sheer and balmy, with a gorgeous gold shimmer that, at first, I thought was super weird. Seeing it in the bullet, I was like ‘whaaaaat is the point in that?’ and then I put it on my face. Boy, did everything change. It’s beautiful. Not pigmented enough to give you sparkly foundation lips, and just enough for a subtle, plumping glow, I now go everywhere with this lipstick. It just makes me feel just that little bit more put together, even with no other makeup, and yeah. Big respect to Bobbi Brown for this one. (This is actually my second bullet, as my first went dramatically missing on the streets of Paris somewhere – I definitely didn’t cry. Definitely not.) I can’t wait for party season to start up.

My second goldy fave is a brand new one, and another York Designer Outlet find. Classic me. That fave is Estée Lauder’s Pure Color eyeshadow trio, in Gilded Chocolates (I’m going to throw a [sic] in there because this is England). I instantly fell in love with this eye trio. Instantly. In fact, when I had to choose between this and the Bobbi Brown Liquid Highlighter, the pretty little trio won hands down. It has three golden shades, affectionately known as ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. The largest, no1, is another gorgeous champagne tone. Silky and smooth and creamy and delicious, it’s possibly my favourite shadow of all time. It’s wonderful. There’s absolutely no fallout, as with all three shadows, and makes a perfect base. Following on from that, the smaller golden shade, and even smaller chocolate brown, are all equally excellent. They apply beautifully, blend well, and look so natural but luxe on the eye. Perfect for the every day, for weddings, for work, for those Christmas parties coming up.

When worn today, not only do I look as fire as that gold gal in that James Bond film, but I feel as fire. It’s amazing what good makeup can do for your confidence. Other than a nice big cat flick, I don’t think I’ve found any other makeup that just makes me feel as badass as this gold combo. As I say, I’m so excited for party season.

The Golden Couple


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