Glossier: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Glossier: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Glossier: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Glossier have been out in the UK for little under a year now, and I think the hype has died down. Shall we get a little bit honest about their products?

I jumped on the Glossier train as soon as it pulled into the station. I picked up a few cult favourites and instantly fell in love. Super Pure sorted my skin out for me, Boy Brow tamed my brows, and Cloud Paint gave me a glowing flush and also a massive stain where I spilled it all over my white sheets almost instantaneously. Bright orange, everywhere. Loving life xoxo.

When I was collecting my stash of Glossier products for these photos, and I realised as I was editing that I missed out some other bits, I was a bit taken aback by how much I had. Like, a bit disgusted. Glossier isn’t cheap, and I have A LOT. That’s the problem with hyped, brand new products – the reviews are either super excited or non-existent.

I want to change that a little bit.

Sure, their packaging is heaven on earth. I finished my Super Pure months ago and still have the little bottle in a drawer for *something*, idk. The pink and the pretty tones and the simple design, and those pink bubble wrap bags that I use for EVERYTHING!  – passport and travel document holder? Check. Makeup bag? Check. Pencil case. Check.

Glossier is worth it for those bags alone, to be honest.

But shall we get down to business and I’ll tell you completely honestly how I found each product. A few will be missed out, of course, as I don’t own one or two bits from the collection.

The Good.

Boy Brow – Excellent. Very Good. Tames the brows, keeps them natural, great over other products. I don’t use mine anymore as it dried up and Maybelline do something good too. But yes, excellent. Would recommend.

Cloud Paint – Again, excellent. A great wash of colour and a little goes a LONG way. Won’t wash out of white sheets but you’re not as stupid and clumsy as I am. Faves are Beam and Puff.

Milk Jelly Cleanser – A lot of mixed reviews on this but I’ve found it soft, gentle and very good. Removes makeup. The cleanser I reach for most often.

Glossier You – MY FAVE of the whole Glossier range. Smells amazing, lasts well. Prettiest bottle. I wear it pretty much every day and I LOVE it.

Mega Greens Galaxy Mask – A great mask. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh and tightens pores a little. Smells good, dries down evenly. Happy gal, happy skin.

Lash Slick – My second favourite thing in the collection – such a good mascara for a gal like me: no lashes but wants the million layers she has to apply to still look natural. Will be repurchasing when I run out.

Glossier: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Bad (or at least The Average).

Super Pure – Actually a great product but you can get an identical serum from The Ordinary for like £5 and I use that now instead. So thanks for letting me know Glossier, but also sorry you’re too expensive.

Stretch Concealer – It’s fine but I think it is a bit wet for a concealer. Better as a sheer base, but it tends to slip and slide under the eye. Non-cakey though!

Lidstar – Again, fine. Just a liquid eyeshadow and I think the colours are a bit meh. Go to NYX and get the same vibe with a wider selection of colours.

Solution – I’ll be honest, I don’t think I gave this a fair trial and will be doing so properly from now. BUT, yeah, fine.

Generation G Lipstick – Just so average. I don’t really wear lipstick, and I appreciate that they’re meant to be a little more sheer than usual, but I’m not enthused.

Perfecting Skin Tint – Really wet with less coverage than a BB cream. Great for pre-gym or Tesco in your PJS, or if your skin is made of diamonds already.

Balm Dot Com – Literally just a lip balm. I’m sorry.

[/left] [right]Glossier: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly[/right]
Glossier: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Ugly.

Haloscope – I feel bad putting this in ugly, especially as so many people seem to love it, but I just couldn’t make it work. It’s rock hard in winter, so you have to sit on it if it’s cold to give it some glide, and even then it just wipes off all your makeup underneath. If you apply it to your hand and dab it on then it’s okay but then also what’s the point? Just so difficult to get from the stick to my face!!!

Priming Moisturiser – The reason I wrote this whole post. This bad boy gave me the biggest rash, all over my face, that lasted about two weeks after I’d thrown it in the back of a drawer and switched back to my usual stuff. Weirdly thin in texture, soaks in weirdly quickly and is actually kinda drying? And yeah, as I say, RASH. Not a red rash, an under-the-skin-everything-is-so-rough-and-bumpy rash. Really disappointed as everyone else loves it?

Forgive me if I’ve been harsh about your favourite product – my aim was to be concise about my thoughts, rather than having long rants about each product. And this isn’t a post designed to slate Glossier at all. The products in my Good List are VERY GOOD.

But basically, this post is a warning to myself about being a bit cleverer when I spend my money on new, over-hyped stuff. Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging. Wait and read reviews and make sure that you want and need what you’re spending your hard earned money on.

Also yeah, I got a rash so that was kinda bad too. x

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