Giving The Perfect Gift With Wild & Wolf

Giving The Perfect Gift With Wild & Wolf

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I know that Bonfire Season has only just come to a close.

Christmas is now less than two months away (!!) and the countdown has officially begun. The lights are up in London, the shops are starting to get the decs up, and I’ve started to panic about what I’m going to get my family for Christmas.

I’m famously really bad at gifts. I very much subscribe to the ‘ask someone what they want and then get it for them’ group of gift givers. I still owe Ollie a birthday present because he never told me what he wanted and he’s too difficult to buy for without a guide. That’s right, I’m the WORST.

To make me a little bit better at gift giving this year, I’ve teamed up with my pals over at Wild & Wolf.

Wild & Wolf is an online store that’s all about original, thoughtful, and design-led gift ideas. With a number of different brands available right there, you can do all of your winter shopping in one place. Perfect for the lazy gal with too much on in the run up to Christmas.

So in the spirit of gift giving (and to offer you a little bit of much needed inspo) here’re a few of my fave little bits that Wild & Wolf have to offer. There’s a little something for absolutely everyone so grab a cup of tea, a pen and a notebook – let’s get going!

[left]Giving The Perfect Gift With Wild & Wolf[/left][right]


We’re suckers for tools in my family. It used to be a running joke that my grandma always kept a full tool-kit in her handbag, and it wasn’t far from the truth. Having grown up with that, I love always having something handy in my bag whenever anyone needs anything. So imagine all your favourite useful bits in one credit card sized place?? There’s a comb, two little slots for spare hair ties, a box cutter, a screw driver, a bottle opener and a nail file in this bad boy. Also, who doesn’t love gold? I think I’ll be grabbing two of these this Christmas, one for my little sister for her uni bag, and one for me (don’t tell anyone).


Do I really need to say anything about how great pretty stationery is? I don’t think so. A decent pen makes all the difference when planning adventures or jotting down phone numbers. The end of this guy also doubles as a stylus for your phone, etc., so you can really go to town on adding little doodles to your insta stories (that’s what I use mine for!). [/right]


I’d never heard of Selfish before I saw it on Wild & Wolf’s website, but having had a gander at the rules it seems like that perfect after Christmas dinner, run out of things to annoy your family with, game. What says Christmas more than: ‘How far would you go to save yourself? Totally selfish behaviour and utter ruthlessness will be needed to stay alive in this game’??? Every year I tend to buy a present that has a more general vibe – it goes under the tree without a name tag and it’s kinda for everyone. This year, Selfish is going to be it!


Another fun little gadget for the side pocket of your work bag. Hands up who’s forever telling their friends, mid-conversation, that their phone is on 1% so they may disappear. I expect to see everyone’s hands. Hands up who also NEVER has a mirror on them (ME!). I hate carrying around too much stuff, so this power-bank/mirror combo is actually a bit of a lifesaver on two counts. It’s super compact, super shiny and super useful really. Perfect for the gal in your family that’s always on the go and always turns up ten mins late, asking if you have a phone charger.

[left]Giving The Perfect Gift With Wild & Wolf[/left][right] Giving The Perfect Gift With Wild & Wolf[/right]


Finally, possibly my favourite of this little group. I don’t think that I could find a more ‘on brand’ mug for me if I tried my hardest. Perfect for the office Secret Santa or your best friend, this is honestly such a great mug. Millennial pink forever and ever.

I hope this little guide has helped you, gang. It’s certainly helped me think of a few little ideas for what to grab for my friends and family this winter, as well as turned my eye towards a few little treats for myself.

If you’re in need of inspiration this Christmas, make your first point of call Wild & Wolf – I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

FYI, you can grab 15% off with code IMII15OFF – you know you want to!


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