10 Things to Know About Me

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetIt’s been a little while now, and I’ve realised that you actually know very little about me!

Obviously this needs rectifying, and in what better way than a quick-fire 10-things-about-me post!

  1. I study Theology at Durham University and am currently towards the latter half of my second year
  2. In September I will be heading out to Paris to study at the Institut Catholique for a whole year and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED and terrified
  3. I have a fabulous boyfriend called Ollie! We’ve been together for about a year and a half now and I couldn’t ask for better
  4. I have a gorgeous black cat called Jimmy and he’s a bit of a grump and I absolutely adore him
  5. I have visas from Russia, America, Vietnam and Kazakstan in my passport (and soon one from Indonesia!)
  6. My dream job is to travel around the world buying and selling art (so, wish me luck…)
  7. My favourite flower is the sunflower and I LOVE the colour yellow (but never openly admit it apart from right now, obviously)
  8. I know absolutely nothing about fashion or makeup – I just wear what looks nice and hope for the best
  9. I also run a ‘fitblr‘ on tumblr (nettleandblackberry.tumblr.com) but remain permanently unfit
  10. While I only eat vegan food, I am not actually a vegan and simply follow a plant-based lifestyle instead

So there we are! A little more about me, just to keep you interested!
Obviously the more I post, the more you’ll get to know me so fingers crossed I come across okay (I’m known for being a little bit sassy so I apologise in advance!)



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  • elizamhall says:

    What a lovely little post – I LOVE sunflowers too. I’m definitely going to have to do my own one of these.. thank you!

    E xx elizadiaries.wordpress.com

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