Getting Personal This Valentine’s Day

Getting Personal This Valentines Day Getting Personal This Valentines Day

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]alentine’s Day is next week, right? I’m not making that up, am I? I literally have no idea what day it is most of the time. Classic arts student. I’m also rubbish at romance. Basically, me and Valentine’s Day are a bit of an awkward match. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

This year I wanted to do something a little more personal for Valentine’s. Last year I was in France so Ollie sent me out a little care box of things like party rings, English tea and a little Charlotte Tilbury treat. It was amazing and opening it made my life. I think I sent him some fancy chocolate. I’m rubbish.

Anyway, back to wanting to do something for Ollie that required a little more thought than ‘what the fanciest chocolate that I can afford?’

I Just Love It are a cute little online personalised gift store, producing literally everything that you could need to make special occasions a little less generic. When they approached me about doing something with them for Valentine’s I obviously jumped right in. Finally, a way to do something a little bit cuter.

Ollie and I won’t be spending Valentine’s near each other this year either. We both have our respective unis and lives to attend to and we’re pretty chill about the whole thing, so we’re not bothered. Still, it’s nice to be thought of. To make the distance into something cute (lol) I went for the gorgeous Personalised Framed Circle Map* as my gift to Oliver. Right in the centre of the map is the college we were/are both in at Durham – lame because we met there, cute because Ollie loved college and still loves college and misses it all the time. It’s beautiful and simple and really personal, and Ollie loves it. I was, to be honest, a little surprised that he loves it so much. As I say, we’re not one for cute stuff, but the whole college thing really appealed to him I think. It’s very sweet.

It’s currently propped up on his chest of drawers, against the wall, before he moves in December and can put it up on the wall. I’m kinda jealous. I want one now.

Although actually, I may have picked up a little something for myself too. It’s very ‘on brand’ so that’s nice for me. How cute is the little n&b Personalised Sketch Heart Candle*? Expect to see it feature in every single blog photo ever from now on. It’s a deliciously sweet vanilla scented candle, the perfect size for filling the room with flavour, and is fabulous. You can also add a date, as well as the initials, to the candle jar, but I thought just ‘n&b’ looked perfect. Little treat for myself for VDay because I’ve earned it by being awesome.

I’m really thrilled with how both of these items turned out, especially as they have to be made to order. Delivery was super quick and the quality is top notch. Shout out to I Just Love It for making VDay a little bit special this year.

How are you making Valentine’s Day that little bit more personal this year?



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