Getting My Head Back Into The Fitness Game.

Getting My Head Back Into The Fitness Game

It’s just going to be a short one today, I’m afraid. I’m talking about my fitness level.

Summer is coming, but that’s the least of my worries. I keep getting ill. My immune system has faced so much stress lately that it just keeps shutting down and up pops another cold/food poisoning/general exhaustion 24/7. I need to fix this. My fitness level is also shocking. Bloody hell, I can’t even pace it up the four flights of stairs to my Wednesday morning lectures without breaking a sweat and downing my entire bottle of water. That said, I tend to always be late on a Wednesday (no idea why) so maybe the frantic running doesn’t help.

For the last week I’ve been back on a ‘diet’ – which basically means that I haven’t been comfort eating waffles in bed at 9pm like a cook kid. It’s the small things. Y’know what? I’ve been feeling a lot better. After one week! I’m going to keep this up I think.

But it’s all very well eating properly and feeling happier food wise. I mean, I’m happy as I’m going now. But wouldn’t it be nice to just push that little harder and work for results that are just a little better?

This week I’d planned to go to the gym on Wednesday, and when Wednesday afternoon rolled around I just didn’t do it. I wasn’t feeling it. I was exhausted from a whole load of things and the idea of going to the gym on such a lovely day just made me shudder. Then again, I still spent my afternoon in bed writing a few blog posts and doing some homework. I’m the worst.

It being Ascension Day Thursday, the gym was closed.

So that left Friday.

Friday was the day I started pushing myself a little harder.

I’ve put on about a stone since Christmas. Partly because I tend to comfort eat, partly because I have had so many visitors and you can’t be like ‘oh no thanks, not for me’ when they want an eclair, yknow? and partly because I’ve just been loving life.

That’s not a big deal. I love Paris so why not love every part of it. Food is super high on the list. Obviously.

With less than two months before I have to be moderately attractive at Ollie’s graduation (photos… *shudder*) and then a few more until I start a fresh term back at Durham. I need to sort myself out.

I’ll be keeping you updated, not necessarily in specific posts, but updated none the less. I have no set plan or timetable or anything.

I just want to start looking after myself again, and to give myself an extra method of procrastination during my exams.

Wish me luck!

Do you like to work out, or do you prefer to eat better? Or a mix of the two?
What do you recommend I start with as a re-beginner?


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  • Miu says:

    I also decided I have to work on my fitness more again. I tried on my old summer clothes and well, they fit better last year 😉 I’m trying to eat less and being more conscious of what I’m eating and definitely working out more. I think the most important thing as a re-beginner, as you call it, is not to be discouraged with what you can do at the moment and not to compare it to what you already could do once.

  • Liza Tait-Bailey says:

    I got into the gym when I moved to Ghana, and I found a great motivation to be watching things on the treadmill. I just load up my ipad with my favourite series and set out on a gentle jog or high incline walk. Now I’m doing three of four miles five times a week and actually enjoying it – and the results have been incredible! I don’t know if you actually enjoy the gym, but I used to hate it so this has been a bit revolutionary for me 🙂

    Liza xx

  • Since February now I have been pretty consistent with jogging at least four times a week and am thrilled with the results! However, besides working out I also tend to eat quite a lot of comfort food so I’m also searching for all sorts of motivation to fight that this month. It’s important to remember some days will be worse some will be better and as long as we push ourselves for majority of the week we can have a bit of pleasure at the end, whether it be a chocolate cake or simply a day in bed. That’s what keeps me going 🙂 Good luck!

  • Sassy says:

    I’m sure you’ll make it, Imii 🙂 Can’t wait for your updates. xx

  • Mantenso says:

    I think the main thing is food, because going to the gym for an hour or two is fine but the other 22 hours you have is so easy to undo all that working out by eating badly! If you work out regularly and eat well most of the time you can treat yourself too, you don’t need to deprive yourself of anything! I lost about 16 pounds last year and I’ve still got a bit to go and that was through eating clean 80% of the time and exercising 4/5 times a week, but it doesn’t have to be anywhere near that intense. If you do go to the gym, Defo Defo do weight training! Defo keep us updated as I’d love to know how you get on!

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