Four Highlighters

Four Highlighters

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all love highlighters, don’t we? We love them. We love a good shiny cheekbone and rocking that ‘look at my glow’ shimmer that actual skin just can’t accomplish (unless we’re like, really into looking after ourselves). My highlighter collection, as with yours, has grown slowly over the last year. I an’t contour to save my life but I can rub some glitter on my face and call it a look.

My aim, when collecting highlighters, is to have one of each. Y’know what I mean? How can you know which one makes you look the right kind of sweaty without having tried them all?

Looking at these photos, I realise that what I’m missing is a liquid highlighter like Benefit’s High Beam or whatever. I actually used to have one years ago, and I’m talking years ago. I think I was 15? I actually used to highlight at 16 then thought ‘why am I doing this weird thing?’ and stopped. I’m a bit of a trend setter. Anyway, if anyone wants to ‘complete’ my collection then feel free to purchase one for me. U da best.

Four Highlighters

I have two powder highlighters. One is the Peggy Sage champagney pressed highlighter that I reviewed a little while ago. I bought it in Paris, in the Cluny Peggy Sage shop, and it is divine. It’s really subtle so perfect for one of those ‘I swear I’m not wearing makeup’ days, and smells of peaches and cream. Literally smells of peaches and cream. Your face, upon application, smells like a warm summer evening’s dessert. Can’t go wrong, can you?

The other is for more of a dramatic highlight, although to be honest I’ve started wearing it every day to make up for the confidence I’m missing. This little pot of joy is the Bellápierre highlighter powder in Champagne. It goes on thick and needs some blending, but once you’ve got it how you want it it’s an absolute dream. It’s the highlight of dreams. The one downfall of this, however, is that my sister is properly allergic to it. She had the same but in ‘Snowflake’ and every time she wore it she had the worst hayfever symptoms known to man. It took us a while to figure out what was causing it, but there’s no doubt it was her pot. Shame, because it’s absolute fire.

Moving onto the creams, I’ll start with my fave. The Topshop Glow Highlighter Pot in Polish. I’m aware that this highlighter is almost a blogger cliché but seriously, have you tried it? That said, it took me almost a year to get used to it, and just a little bit longer to figure out its full potential. It’s a subtle, dewy highlight that works perfectly for those barely there days. I apply it with my fingers and then blend with a soft brush and it just diffuses light beautifully. It’s had a real renaissance for me, and I’ve been using it a lot lately. I’ve also heard really good things about the darker shade, Gleam, so might pick up one of them when the old student loan shows up.

Finally we have a Paris fave: the H&M Highlighter Stick in Rose Quartz. It’s not specifically Parisian for any reason, other than I bought it in the Rue de Rennes H&M in their massive makeup section. Weirdly, I literally can’t find this anywhere online so you’re going to just have to take my word for it here. It’s super creamy and blends nicely, and isn’t as messy as the Topshop pot as you don’t end up with little bits of shiny paste under your nails. (Just me?) While I don’t tend to use this one as much as the others, it’s still very much one of my favourite highlighters to date.

Four Highlighters


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