A Few Happy Things

[left]A Few Happy Things[/left][right]A Few Happy Things[/right]

How many blog posts have I written instead of writing essays/dissertations? I can think of three where I explicitly mention it in the title.

Well, here’s another one. I hand in my dissertation and therefore finish my MA on 7th September, and yet here I am, 15k words left to write, in bed whipping up a blog post. Classic me.

But honestly, can you blame me?? Love Island is over for another year, Bake Off is yet to start, and the poetry of the First World War is hardly a sunny day activity. Also, just look at the state of my desk. Like, sure I do most of my work in the library but wow. Sort your life out, Imogen. You’re better than this.

As my life seems to alternate between going to the library, Tesco, and the gym (lol who am I??), it really is only fair that I take an afternoon off to do some blog stuff. Right? RIGHT??

To keep my from getting into bed and never leaving, here are a few things that have kept me happy over the last week or two.

01. Sometimes my diss supervisor says I’ve done good work and that’s enough to make me want to go home and do more. What a nerd!!!! Nee naw nee naw, loser alert. Seriously though, when you do the same thing day in and day out, and don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, it’s nice when someone in the know says you’re doing fine. Sorry. I’m about as far from some instagram cool girl as I could get.

02. A cup of tea and a good book. This one is so unusual for me because I normally never ever read. Ever. But lately I’ve got through a thousand books. My vice is that Im a very very fast reader and finish books way too fast. I also get bored so easily when it comes to books so… I have a pile of books I read in a day and a pile of books I got half way through and never picked up again. Still, I’ve been really enjoying it ever since Central America. A perfect way to unwind at the end of a day at the library.

03. Cleaning is therapeutic, and I’ve been cleaning every single day. Get that rhubarb method anti-bac spray and set to work in the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom and bathroom – wooo! Everything is fresh and clean and I’m happy. I’m going to hoover the whole flat tomorrow and I can’t wait. Maybe do some dusting??? Wow. I spoil myself. Seriously though, a clean environment is so important for my mental health and I’ve been so chill lately. Buzzing.

What’s been making you happy lately? Let me know in the comments!


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