Favourites For A Flawless Base

Favourites For A Flawless Base

I’m all about getting the perfect glow when it comes to my skin. All. About. It. And sure, it mainly starts with skincare, picking the perfect cleanser, serum, etc., but there’s something about finding a flawless glowy base that makes it all worth while.

In real life, my skin is kinda boring. Everyone’s skin is boring. Apart from the mass-freckling that I get in summer (cute) my skin is pretty bland, tired most of the time, and a little patchy. Who’s isn’t?

The perfect base is something that I’ve been working on for a long time. You don’t just grab a bottle of foundation, slap it on and think wow okay cool my skin is great now. Or at least, that’s never worked for me. I don’t like heavy coverage foundation, I don’t like matte foundation, and I don’t like caking – it’s a bit of a nightmare finding something that covers all bases and still makes my skin look radiant, or – as my sister puts it – like I’ve just walked up loads of stairs and am a bit sweaty. She’s a matte gal. She doesn’t get it.

First up on my list is Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow, a cult favourite. I had this on my list for a long time, and I’ll admit, at first I was a little underwhelmed. It doesn’t give you the sparkling bright glow that other highlighting primers do – it’s incredibly subtle. That said, once I got over that, it’s a winner. It’s a brilliant primer, truly one of the best, and glosses over imperfections beautifully. I’ve grown to love the subtle glow. It enhances what you already have, rather than creating from scratch, and I dig that!

Second, the foundation everyone’s been talking about lately: Clinique’s Even Better Glow. A true hero of foundations, it’s the perfect consistency and texture for someone who doesn’t like to feel like they’re wearing any makeup on their skin. It reflects light like a dream and smooths the skin to perfection. I’m almost through my bottle and will be repurchasing. It’s just so dewy and perfect.

Finally, two Glossier heroes: the Stretch Concealer, and Haloscope Highlighter. Finishing touches are super important, and these babies cover final imperfections and add the final glowy flourish to your skin. I’m obsessed with both. x

Favourites For A Flawless Base
Favourites For A Flawless Base
Favourites For A Flawless Base

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  • Caroline Malone says:

    I had exactly the same thing with Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow, I have a couple of the travel sizes and it didn’t really wow me, I thought it would be exactly the same as Mac Strobe Cream, but after wearing it on NYE I realised what an incredible primer it was! xx


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