Favourites & Empties: February 2016


February went so slowly. I genuinely thought it was going to go on forever. But hey, it’s over now. Here were some of my favourites!

First up is Garnier’s PureActive Micellar Water. I picked this up a little while ago when my beloved Garnier Micellar started getting a little low, and I adore it. It’s made for spot prone skin, which thankfully I do not have, but even so I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin. Any blemishes or spots that do pop up disappear almost over night (and tend to only appear when I don’t use this after cleansing). Love love love.

Because of the sheer freezing cold weather in Paris lately, I’ve been loving two particular lip balms. The first is Balmi’s Rose Gold Balm in Roseberry. I’m obsessed with this little cube and it smells so damn amazing! The other is Kiko’s Kiss Balm in Apricot. This gorgeous balm is tinted with a fabulous bright orange colour and is really nourishing and pretty. Definitely going to repurchase when it eventually runs out!

On my nails I’ve been wearing HEMA’s Long Lasting Nail Polish in a pretty pale pink. Sadly I couldn’t find the colour on the website but here’s a pale lilac to give you the idea! Perfect for spring!

Finally, the love of my life. For Vday this year, Ollie sent me a little care-package of treats, one of which was Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry just a little. I’ve never known a nude quite like it. It’s almost corally in colour and suits me to the ground and back. The texture is creamy and hella long-lasting and generally it’s just fabulous. I’ve worn it every single day since, to be honest!


The Empties

I’ve finished up a few bits this month, which is highly unusual for me because I normally like to have more than enough of what I need, just in case. Anyway, let me run you through them…

As I started with the Garnier above, I’ll start with it now. I loved this big bottle of Micellar goodness for the entire of its life (which was a long time). I now have about three or four uses left and I’m not too sad – I have my trusty replacement above, remember?

I also finished up Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara quite early in the month. It has become just a little too dry for quick application, and the number of coats it now needs has started to irritate my eye a little. I do still throw on a couple dozen coats for things like pre-gym lectures, but other than that it’s pretty dead I’m afraid. I’ve replaced it with Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara and I couldn’t be happier!

In Bali airport, back in July, I visited the MAC counter and picked up the Prep+Prime Finishing Powder – I have now hit pan. Obviously this isn’t really an ’empty’ as such, because there’s still loads left. I just thought it would make a nice addition and bulk it up a little – classic blogging issues. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know if I like this powder or not. It does its job – in that my makeup stays where it is – but other than that it really is just a transparent powder I’m afraid. Nice packaging though, and happy happy memories.

Finally, my beloved monogrammed candle from M&S, picked up just before Christmas. I loved this little candle like I would love a child. Weird. Naturally, when he died, I washed him out and now use him as a little storage pot, but it’s just not quite the same. I should have included him in a favourites post while he lived – so much regret. So much.


What have been your favourites this month?
Have you finished anything and been genuinely sad about it?


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