A Few Faves For The Party Season

A Few Faves For The Party Season

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s well and truly party season, isn’t it. We’re all dusting off our sequin dresses, applying coat after coat of glitter nail polish, and stepping out into the freezing cold to pretend to have fun with people we only know a tiny bit. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of the things that are keeping me going through the endless sea of balls, Christmas parties, nights out and general uni Christmas activities. Nothing is especially Christmas themed, though. It’s basically just a normal favourites post.

First up is the gorgeous Tassle Shaker glitter nail polish, from Essie. Clear, with loads of tiny bits of copper coloured tinsel, this polish is perfect for popping on over the top of pink or white, or for layering up for those ‘wow! these are going to be tough to get off’ nails that we all crave. I always top my nails off with Essie’s Gel Couture Topcoat, just to keep them shiny and in place that little bit longer.

For my hair, I’ve been really into Big Sexy’s Bombshell Blonde Shampoo* and Conditioner*. With the distinct lack of sun, especially up here in Durham, my hair has been feeling a little dull and flat. The colour is still there but none of that fun shine that comes from a few months in the summer sunshine. The Bombshell Blonde range has brought it back to life in no time. I’m thrilled, especially as I normally don’t trust shampoos that claim to make you blonder (apart from the silver/purple toned ones for keeping it ashy…). I’ve been using the shampoo every time I wash my hair, and the conditioner once a week – short hair issues – and I’m super duper happy. I’ve also started sleeping with my hair in a tight bun, meaning in the morning it’s all waved up and pretty. To keep it perfect all through the day I’ve been loving Big Sexy’s Intense Hold Hairspray* and I’m really impressed. It’s light, doesn’t make your hair all sticky, and holds the waves all day!

A Few Faves For The Party Season

So my no1 favourite thing at the moment is my cactus phone case. Let me tell you why: it’s covered in cactii, is super light on my phone, and cost me a grand total of 99p. That’s 99 whole pence. Sure, it took about a month and a half to arrive from China, but hey! 99p! What more could a gal want! You can find the case, and about a million other styles, all for 99p, on ebay here! I’m so happy with it, I can’t even. It also acts pretty well as an actual case that actually protects – something that is pretty hard to come by. So hey, for all those times your phone drops out of the taxi door when you open it, on your way back from a Christmas party, there’s no need to worry!

Finally, my favourite at all. Ollie bought me the Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All bubble bath a few weeks ago when he came to visit, and I’m obsessed. I’m lucky enough to have a bath in my uni room (in the en suite, not the actual room… lol) and as I only have short hair, I tend to opt for a bath over a shower at the moment. I mean, wouldn’t you? Unlimited hot water, cold Durham air outside. See what I mean! We don’t have a Lush in Durham, and I much prefer bubbles to bombs anyway, so this works a treat for me. It also has a load of fancy skin conditioning extracts in, so when you’ve soaked long enough and jump out, your skin is gorgeously soft and smooth. Amazing.

A Few Faves For The Party Season


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