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endofexamsWell here it is. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. My second year exams are officially over and *fingers crossed* done for good.

With a bit of luck this post will go live in the very last second of my exam – just as the final whistle is blown (no, Durham don’t use whistles for exams).

I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. Seriously, its like the biggest weight ever off my shoulders – especially as quite a few of my friends finished last Friday (Ollie finished last Tuesday and then ran away to Scotland with his parents so this has definitely been a long time coming for me).

But who cares about when everyone finished because I, Imii, finished today at 12:30 on the dot. No more medieval and reformist theology, no more early church, no more New Testament or ethics – I am as free as a bird.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all know what’s going to be happening for me over the next few weeks, before Oll and I jet off to Bali.

On Thursday we’ll be heading down to Filey in Yorkshire for a few days, followed by a quick trip to London, then back up to Durham for the end of term festivities.

There’re going to be two balls, one music festival, one hastily put together 48-hour musical, lots of summer makeup and lots a little bit of shopping for the holidays.

There will also be a lot of happy/sad. My move to Paris at the end of summer means leaving behind a lot of good friends, with the possibility of not seeing some ever again. Super sad. However, it also means saying goodbye to a few problems for good and I can’t wait for that. Swings and roundabouts. And hey, Ollie will still be here so I’ll be back quite a bit.

Fingers crossed I’ll also get back to posting a good three times a week – something I’ve been very lax on during the exam period. I’ll be sharing everything with you, from adventures to coffees, shopping trips to movie nights. It will all be recorded on here.

It’s going to be a wonderful after exam period and I for one can’t wait!



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