A Few Dry January Essentials

A Few Dry January EssentialsA Few Dry January Essentials

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]iet coke and water and Sprite are so boring after a long time not drinking anything but them. Trust me. Having not touched alcohol for a good two years, and even now only doing so once in a while, it can get a bit monotonous. Pint after pint of diet coke, water when your friends are drinking things with flavour, etc. etc. It’s just boring. So, to all you Dry January kids out there, I feel your pain.

My not drinking actually started with Dry January. In my second year at uni I did January and February as part of a bet with a friend. Neither of us could drink ’til March 1st or we’d have to do something that I can’t actually remember. Exciting story, Imii. Cool, thanks.

So when March rolled around, and I had the classic ‘look I can drink again’ big night out, I decided that actually I just preferred to not drink. And I didn’t. From then on, I didn’t drink (other than the odd glass of prossecco or occasional cocktail). This went on for two years, and has relaxed a little of late. I do drink a bit more now – final year, am I right? – but I’m still not keen. I’d much rather not.

A Few Dry January EssentialsA Few Dry January Essentials A Few Dry January Essentials

Something I learnt super quickly was that you have to keep things fun. When all your friends are drinking for a night out, and you’ve got a cup of tea, you immediately feel out of the circle. It’s unwritten, unspoken, and only apparent to you, but something just isn’t right. Tea is just the wrong drink to have fun to, especially when you’re friends are getting deep into that tipsy stage. Coke is my normal go-to, and the occasional elderflower cordial and soda water, but even that can get draining and kinda bloaty.

Fentimans have you covered, however. If Dry January is really getting you down (you don’t actually have to order orange juice in a pub guys – I know they do on TV but you really don’t have to) then they might have the answer. Hell, dry life gets me down sometimes and these are such a good perk up method!

They’re soft drink range is to die for. Seriously.

From cherry cola, to rose lemonade, they have everything. I’m obsessed with the Victorian Lemonade. It’s so refreshing and not gross and overly carbonated and awful. It’s perfect. Peerrrfect, I tell you.

I mean, forget January. Can you just imagine bringing this range on a spring picnic? Or a summer trip to the beach? Heaven in a basket, and just do damn different to what I’d normally be drinking.

Try this for a mocktail:

  • 125ml Fentimans Rose Lemonade
  • 100ml pomegranate juice
  • sprig of rosemary
  • handful of berries to garnish

Delicious, refreshing, and so much prettier in your glass than a rum and coke. Everyone will be asking for a sip, but don’t let them. They don’t deserve it. You deserve it. You’re awesome.

And hey, once January is over these will make great mixers. Just something to think about…

A Few Dry January Essentials A Few Dry January Essentials A Few Dry January Essentials A Few Dry January Essentials

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