Always Owe Your Friends Money?

Don't Be The Friend That Always Owes People MoneyDon't Be The Friend That Always Owes People Money

Don't Be The Friend That Always Owes People Money

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As a student, money can be pretty tight. The gap between payday and that lovely little loan coming in can be interminable. So when you want to save time by throwing the coffees all on one card, or ordering everyone’s takeaway at once for movie night,  you come to realise that no one is really going to pay you back unless you keep reminding them, and it can be pretty damn frustrating.

But you know what’s more frustrating? When you’re that friend.

You promise you’ll pay them back asap, or that you’ll buy them a drink when you’re next around. You mean well. You’re not a bad person. Things just get in the way and the thought of fiddling around with sort codes and account numbers is just too much to handle. You’re a student, your life is a mess of hangovers and essays and there isn’t a spare minute to sort out a new transfer contact. 

I get it. You’re a busy busy person and haven’t got time to remember things like the odd fiver here and there. I really get it.

I’ve been that person a thousand times. The number of ‘drinks’ I owe people is astounding.

Lately, I’ve discovered something really cool. Something that has turned me from ‘that friend’ to a trustworthy, money-smart goddess. Something that you don’t even have to think about because it’s as easy as sending a message.

The best part is that you already have it, and don’t even know it – no need to head into the app store and waste precious selfie space on your phone.

Built into your banking app is a little thing called Paym. Paym is a mobile payments service that gets rid of the hassle of sort codes and account numbers. It’s safe and secure, as your bank already uses it, and all you need to do to get involved is register your mobile number with your bank or building society – hit up the Paym website for more details. Because it’s just an extension of your banking app, it doesn’t affect your phone bill or anything like that. It’s a lifesaver.

To find it, simply open your banking app and have a look for the option of paying a mobile contact’ Depending on who you are with, your app may call it something different, but it’s all run by Paym. I told you – you already have it there and waiting to be used!

Gone are the days of ‘send me your account details and I’ll get right on it’ and then you forget immediately. If you have their phone number, you can send them the money you owe them as easy as sending a text. Sign yourself up, make sure your pals are all signed up, and we’re good to go!

You don’t have to be that friend anymore. You don’t have to be torn with guilt about that little bit of money you owe your friend for that coffee, or that pizza, or even those flights. I’m looking out for you – I have your back. I want to make you a better friend and a better person.

And, as I say, you have Paym already. It would be a shame to waste it, really. x

Don't Be The Friend That Always Owes People Money

Don't Be The Friend That Always Owes People Money
Don't Be The Friend That Always Owes People Money

– thanks to Luke Titmuss for helping me with these lovely shots – 

Don't Be The Friend That Always Owes People Money


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  • Amber Davey says:

    Ah I’ve never been THAT friend but I’ve been the silly generous one who flutters money away on everyone else who of course then don’t pay me back lol… I’ve become stricter with myself now though! It’s so easy to forget to pay people back, I always set an alarm on my phone for when I’m at home and when that alarm goes off I do it right away!! 🙂 i’d be a little wary of using something without the account no and sort code! Really interesting post 🙂

  • Ellie | PetiteElliee says:

    OMG I HATE those friends! I always make sure to pay them AS SOON AS I CNAN

    Ellie xx

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