Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn.

Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick

I bloody love cake. I also bloody love cute little bits of jewellery. Why not combine loves, eh?

Deebee is one of my new faves for cute little bits and pieces. Started up by the fab Emily, who you may know better as the brains and beauty behind Drained Beauty, each individual pieces is hand designed and hand-made. All these talented people using their gifts to make themselves (and me) very happy! I love 2016! Maybe I should magic a talent up for myself?…

Anyway, Emily got in touch and asked me if I fancied having a look at Deebee’s new range and of course I said yes. Helping out a fellow blogger and finding a new jewellery fave seems like a win to me. Let me run you through the three pieces I picked out! (All three of which you can win just by heading down to the bottom of this little page…)

It took me a while to come up with a setting to photograph these fab little bits. I don’t really like having my photo taken, especially as I don’t trust other people a) to not drop my camera, and b) to take a photo exactly as I’d want it to be. I’ve had full on arguments with people about it before. I mean, why can’t they see the thing that I see in my head and then do it?! Luckily my little sister is stupidly photogenic so I persuaded her to act as my model with the promise of hot chocolate and cake.

One of our favourite cafés is actually just down the road from us, in West Sussex. Those of you in the know when it comes to British cheeses (lol, so all of you, right?), will have heard of Sussex Charmer. It’s like a cheddar but way way better – tangy and sharp and awesome. At the Milk Churn, they specialise in Charmer. Charmer on toast, Macaroni cheese, cheese scones, everything. We, therefore, had cake. I’m obsessed with the Milk Churn, to be honest. Everyone in my family, and everyone I’ve dragged up there, know it as ‘The Cheese Café’ and oh my it’s the best. If you’re passing through West Sussex, or just love cheese, you need to go. NEED to go.

Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick

Anyway, back to the jewellery.

First up is my mum’s favourite. The ‘All Seeing Eye’ necklace from the Aria Necklace Collection*.  Super edgy. Right up my sister’s street. An awesome little green eye that pokes out from under your shirt and is just so beautifully made! The attention to detail is just so spot on, with eyelashes, flecks in the iris and a fabulously dark black pupil to pierce your enemy’s heart. My mum has actually stolen this from me already and her favourite shop is Urban Outfitters so, yeah, she’s kinda cool. (lol?)

The second Deebee necklace is one of my favourite necklaces ever. The ‘Humble Bumble Bee’ from the Aurora Necklace Collection* is just so damn cool. Nature is just the best, man. I love bees and anything to do with them. I actually painted a swarm of bees around a fancy French honey pot on one of the walls in my kitchen because we’re fancy and arty like that in my house. Think Winnie The Pooh if he had a cottage in the country in Sussex and had a thing for continental cuisine. I’m the worst. (If you want me to paint little bits all over your kitchen let me know because that could totally be my new talent/business…)

I’m really looking forward to wearing this little bee guy throughout the Spring and Summer. He’s gorgeous and will complete quite a few of my planned outfits for coming events. The level of detail on his little body is also excellent. I mean, just look at those wings! Stunning.

Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick

I actually haven’t seen the last Deebee piece since I gave it to Isy to wear. She has stolen it. The ‘Marble Buddha Bracelet*’ in gold, is just lovely. Simple and pretty and lovely. A blogger’s dream bracelet with all that marble and gold! Handmade using a stretch-thread, the bracelet means no faffing around with clasps and sizing – just pop it over your hand and you’re good to go. The gold detailing of the Buddha really brings something special to the already beautiful marble.

The dainty size, and gorgeous colours, also mean that this bracelet is perfect for layering with bangles or bracelets to create a lovely little layered look. It’ll also look amaze as part of some insta-worthy flatlays – if I ever get it back from my sister…

Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick Deebee Jewellery & The Milk Churn, Rudgwick

So, as I said above, you too can be the proud owner of these three gorgeous Deebee pieces! Simply follow the Rafflecopter giveaway below and you can be in with a chance. This giveaway will run for two weeks and the winner will be chosen at random. To make life easier for Emily, it’s only open to entrants from the UK.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • This giveaway opens for two weeks (until 12/05/16), after which a winner will be chosen at random.
  • Any accounts created solely for giveaway purposes will be rejected.
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my messages, after which a new winner will be chosen.
  • Prizes will be sent directly from Deebee and are subject to change.
  • I do not hold responsibility for prizes and delivery.


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