Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.

Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]openhagen saw my insta game hit a new level of awesome. All that colour and texture and wonderful detail – certainly makes a change from the beige, yet lovely, of Parisian streets. To honour how fabulous Copenhagen is for instagram, I thought I’d do a little roundup of all the things that made me snap-happy last weekend.

First up is that Danish pastry up there. Can you even look at it without salivating? I can’t. I munched this down for breakfast on the Sunday morning and could have cried with happiness. It was perfect in every single way. You’d think, living in Paris, I’d have got over pastry based breakfasts? Nah, this was a whole new level of cinnamony goodness.

And how gorgeous was my hostel? Woodah Hostel was literally so pretty. Absolutely tiny and absolutely perfect. To make it even better, in the dorm rooms you get a little cave to yourself, away from the rest of the guests. It’s like having your own room but teeny tiny – maybe not great if you don’t like tiny spaces, but perfect if you want to be away from the main lights, sounds and people. The hostel also offer free yoga classes to all of their guests, as well as having a super cosy living/bar area. Perfect for a cup of one of their special teas and a good book. Their breakfast (included in the price!) was also perfect. Super light and healthy and super delicious.

Copenhagen Instagram Best Of. Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.

I didn’t get a chance to actually go inside Tivoli and I’m so so sad about it. I’ll have to go back! Tivoli is the second oldest theme park in the world, and from the outside it looked super cool. It’s literally massive (and has a Wagamama!) and I’m so excited to go back and get inside!

I had to include this selfie. Taken to piss Becky off a little, I actually thought I looked alright it in and so threw a nice filter on it and hit upload. I spent a lot of time in this square stealing the free wifi from TGIs so if you were chatting to me at any point, this is where I was. Just to make me feel at home, Louis Vuitton was also on this square. Copenhagen is a seriously fancy place. The airport is full of Burberry and Victoria Secret and the main shopping street is just the same.

Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.

Okay so I’m going to talk about the massive Tiger stores again but I’ll keep it brief, I promise. Oh my god it was amazing. So Tiger-y and wonderful and oh so cheap! I picked up a new camera strap and some travel bottles (y’know for the 100ml rule) and I swear all in all it cost me less than £3. The absolute dream. They have some really cute flamingo stuff in at the moment so if you’re into summer vibes, get to a Tiger asap.

Okay so Freetown Christiania is Copenhagen’s hippy commune. A mixture of handmade houses, bars, workshops, music venues, and the infamous Green Light zone, Christiania is literally the most chilled out place in the world. You’re advised not to take photos in the town because there’s a lot of soft drugs and people don’t especially like having their photos taken, but this was snapped outside one of the gates. This isn’t even inside the commune, so you can imagine how beautifully decorated the whole area inside is! As well as the no photography rule, they also have zero tolerance for hard drugs and running. I’ll be honest, as someone who doesn’t even drink, I felt a tiny bit lost.

Copenhagen Instagram Best Of. Copenhagen Instagram Best Of.

Finally we have the highlight of my trip: the Copenhagen doughnut. Okay, I’m lying. It was a pretty good doughnut though. Strawberry jam inside, Danish flag on the outside. I snapped this photo as I was waiting for the train back to the airport, feeling sorry for myself.

Have you found somewhere insta-perfect?
How gorgeous is Copenhagen?!


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