The Confessions: Chapter 1.

The Confessions: Chapter 1.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]case I hadn’t already mentioned, I’m a Theology student. Hell, while I’m stating the obvious, I also live in Paris. While sitting at a bus stop, thinking about life, I came up with this post. Just call me Augustine.

Unlike Augustine, I’m not going to spend 9 years writing my life out, exploring my world, only to find out what I already knew to begin with.

Like Augustine, I’m going to do this in chapters (okay, maybe not quite like Augustine, but who wants to read whole ‘books’ about my boring life?).

Well, whatever. Here we go.


  1. I had never eaten take away pizza until my first year of university. I was disappointed. I haven’t had a take away pizza since my first year of university.
  2. In the past year and a bit, I have spent about £100 on fonts. I don’t even want to explain because I’m borderline so ashamed of that. I’ve used like three. Seriously, what is wrong with me?
  3. I don’t like to share my friends with people, even if it’s with my other friends. I have actively stopped friends from meeting each other because I don’t want them to know or like each other. I don’t like it. My French friends in Paris have never met my English speaking friends, apart from Ollie. I just don’t like it.
  4. I have screenshots on my phone of other people’s instagram accounts so I can get ‘inspiration’ from them. At the moment I have twelve separate instagram feeds in my photos folder. I look at them a lot.
  5. I’m sorry but I just don’t like unicorns and I don’t get the hype at all. Why is everyone so obsessed with them? And mermaids too? Like, sure they’re fun but like why the hype? Why does everyone get all gooey eyed about them?
  6. When I was a lot younger I stole a hair bow from Claire’s Accessories and I can’t go in the shop anymore. I didn’t get caught or anything, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t even walk past it without feeling a deep shame right in the heart of my stomach.
  7. In my second year of university I got so worked up in my uni house that right in the middle of exams that I ran away from home and slept on a sofa in a college corridor. I spent the next two nights at a friend’s house in their spare room. Over that period I had four exams. I got a 2:1 in all but one. In that one I got a 1st.
  8. I follow all the blogger fad things but never mention them because I don’t want to be seen as following the blogger fad things. I have a bullet journal and I really like it. I have never mentioned that and I never will again.
  9. I chose Religious Studies at GCSE and ALevel to piss off my mum. I chose Theology as a degree to piss her off even more. Recently she told me she’d rather I did a Theology degree than what I’d really wanted to do: Art History. I now regret not doing Art History, as it would have pissed her off even more. Love ya, mum. Soz, I’m not a scientist. Then again, neither are you. *wink*
  10. When I first met Ollie I only really started fancying him after he mentioned what school he’d gone to. I was young and a bit of a prick. I’m still horrendously shallow. We laugh about it now but I feel really bad about it. Being fresh out of a Surrey girls’ school does terrible things to your head.

Do you have any little secrets?
Do you hate sharing your friends with other people?


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  • Katie says:

    I enjoyed reading this so much. Seriously personal posts like these are my favourites!! I’m with you on the Instagram screenshots & keeping my friends for me, not anyone else. Also, have you ever heard of ‘dafont’? I have hundreds upon hundreds of fonts & have never paid a penny for either of them?? Give it a go if not lovely, it may save you some £££ (or €€€)!!

    Katie // Words By Katie

    • Imii Mace says:

      Haha oh don’t worry I know Dafont intimately! I think I’ve scrolled through every font on that damn site! I’m glad you liked this post! xx

  • nicole says:

    aw I love this post! It’s such a good idea! I have never had a take away pizza nor a McDonalds or a curry! I know I am strange x

  • Yasmina says:

    It was so nice to read such a personal post, I promise I won’t ever mention the bullet journal thing. I am so happy to hear I’m not the only one with instagram screenshots! I can’t wait for your next instalment 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  • Emma @ The Happy Journal says:

    I loved this post Imii. So nice to learn some more about you and I loved personal posts like these. What made you want to study theology in particular?

  • kate/idoscope says:

    i don’t get the hype over mermaids and unicorns either. my fav animals are meerkats and not so many people like them! anywayyy i stole a few things as well when i was a kid and the one i remember is a pair of purple doll boots from my favorite sailor moon character i didn’t own but my friend did: sailor pluto. i’m not even sure i stole both of them or just one… we all have secrets btw!!XD

    xx from Brighton

    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

  • Freya says:

    This was so fun to read! I’m glad to know I’m not alone with the Instagram screenshots, I always feel a bit of a weirdo for it. I don’t get the hype with take out pizza either, every now and then I’ll get a Domino’s and I’m always disappointed.

  • Nana says:

    I love reading confessions posts like this, it makes me get to know you better :’) Lol at #9, you rebel hahahah. Looking forward to reading the next chapters!

  • Lucy says:

    I loved reading this aw – love more personal posts and this is such a good idea! I’ve never really got the hype of mermaids or unicorns either, I mean its a cute concept buuut I feel ya!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Becky Bedbug says:

    Seriously, I thought you DID study art history until I shared that death book and you got all excited. You’re the art history type (and that’s a good thing!)

    I don’t like takeaway pizza- or any pizza, for that matter- and I get stupidly jealous of my friends. I don’t want them to have any other friends except me, although I’m totally allowed more than one friend. I’m a terrible person, I know!

  • Aimée Julia Cottle says:

    I love this new series! I can definitely relate to not wanting to share friends too. They are mine, and mine only! I also so do not get the hype around unicorns. Seriously, why?! x x

  • marclamberts says:

    This blogpost made me so happy. Just like your tweets this made laugh really hard, but it’s also so brutally honest. Keep it up 🙂 Also like the Augustine reference a lot, appeals to my History Study.

    Marc | Bugger All Blog

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