A Christmas Tree Tour

christmas tree 8 christmas tree 2

Our Christmas trees tend to be eclectic.

The same decorations each year, plus a few extra bought that day. Its a little bit of a tradition.

We have decorations made by me and my little sister, decorations bought by my parents abroad, loads made by my grandma, and decorations made by my mum when she was little – cute.

I thought, therefore, that I’d share a few of my favourites. Sadly a few are missing because the light made them just a little too blurry and I’m not patient enough to stay still properly BUT, the ones that came out, came out beautifully.

Starting them off is my all time favourite. Baba the elephant, picked out by me when I was young enough to not actually remember most of my life. I do, however, remember it being stuck on a display tree in the shop and one of my parents having to ask a nice shop assistant to wrestle with it to get it free. They managed, and its the first decoration I put up every year. When I move out, Baba is coming with me.

christmas tree 9
christmas tree

This Christmas sloth is a new addition, bought in the January sales after last Christmas. He’s pretty cool. I mean, do I have to even explain why?

christmas tree 5 christmas tree 6

My grandma bought me and Isy one each of these little angels. When I went to take this photo ‘someone’ had moved Imogen from the front of the tree and replaced it with Isabel. Hmmm.

christmas tree 1 christmas tree 7

Do you have a favourite decoration?
Or perhaps your tree tends to have a bit of a theme?
Let me know!


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