Choosing The Perfect Candles For Your Dream Hygge Night In

Choosing The Perfect Candles For Your Dream Hygge Night In

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow are we all coping with the nights now officially starting at 4pm? It seemed to happen almost over night, didn’t it? At least it did in Durham. One minute it was jacket weather and the next minute it was thick coat weather. The leaves turned and fell off the trees in about a day. Nightmare.

Still, that means it’s nearly Christmas. Like a month this week. A month tomorrow! Amazing.

We all know how in Hygge is right now. Everyone is talking about it and everyone has their own unique way of cosying up their life. I dig that. My uni room is currently the least cosy place in existence because I’ve been swamped with essays and dissertation stuff and reading and also a cheeky bit of pantomime writing… so it’s all a bit bland and bookish and kinda messy, to be honest. I’m a mess. A real life mess.

Something that does tend to brighten up a gloomy evening in, book in one hand, cup of tea in the other, is a good candle. There’s something about the way candles flicker and glow that just makes you feel all warm inside and out. It’s the epitome of that winter/Christmas vibe we all know and love. It’s delicious.

But, and yes there’s a but, you have to pick your scents wisely. You can’t go for a sleepy lavender when you’re trying to smash out that word count, and you can’t go for a dark coffee when you’re winding down with a bit of easy reading. That would be a disaster. An absolute travesty. I don’t even want to think about it.

This is where the heroes at Amara come in. They’ve written an excellent quiz to help you find your perfect home fragrance.  You simply choose from a series of moods and feelings and places and delights and then bam! You’re told you love a citrus candle and you think to yourself, ‘oh, that’ll be why I’ve only ever really bought citrus candles. That makes so much sense!’ It’s miraculous.

With Christmas so close around the corner, why not try to match your loved ones to their perfect candle scent, too? Everyone loves a Christmas candle, right?! I know what all of my friends and family will be getting this year… And Amara have so many excellent candles and gift sets to choose from (as well as other amazing gift ideas). You’ll find something for everyone and keep that hygge vibe going into the new year!

Choosing The Perfect Candles For Your Dream Hygge Night In


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