A Change Is As Good As A Rest

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Let me tell you how much I should not be writing this post right now. I should be asleep, or at least on my way there. I’m knackered. Properly cream crackered. I can’t even tell you. I’ve slept awfully for two days in a row and tonight I had to do uni things and organise people and I almost passed out into my dinner. Shocking. Why am I even still up?!?!

Well, because it’s technically only (‘only’) 10:30pm and I’m a terrible creature of late night habit.

At this point in my week I’m starting to think that what this post is going to be about is a straight up lie. A rest would be pretty damn lovely. I just want to sleep forever and ever.

What I really wanted to tell you about was me weekend. Shall we talk about that instead of another endless Imii’s complaining about something post? Sure.

I had a really bloody nice weekend, despite the snow. Sure it took me a little longer to get from Durham to London on Thursday morning, and my walk to the station (up *that* hill) was genuinely scary at times, but once I was home with Ollie I was floating on air. Heating on, PJs on, Vietnamese food ordered. If heaven is like that, and as a Theologian I can safely assume that it is, then sign me up.

And so began three of the best days I’ve had in a long long time. Nothing particularly exciting happened, but getting out of Durham, out of my cold flat, and into Ollie’s living room with a steaming mug of tea, was just what the doctor ordered. I was happy and relaxed and the birds were singing.

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

We wondered the streets of Belgravia in a blizzard (lol, sorry Ollie) and drank thick Italian hot chocolate to warm up. We went to see the new Macbeth at the National with Ollie’s brother. We had lunch with friends and pretended we could afford things in furniture shops. All in all, I did no work, had no annoying emails to answer, and generally felt on top of the world.

Just leaving Durham for a few days, and leaving everything behind, was enough to give me a little pep of energy. Sure I’m now overly exhausted and have a million things to do and definitely do not have enough time, but it was worth it.

Sometimes all we need is a little time away. Whether it’s a trip abroad, a stay-cation, or maybe even an overnight stay with friends or family, it’s nice to break from routine once in a while and feel a little bit free.

It’s a raging cliché, but sometimes a change really is as good as a rest – even a super busy weekend away! Sometimes change and rest come hand in hand. I can’t wait to nip over to Paris at the end of this month for another mini-rest somewhere I know I feel happy and comfortable. 

For now, though, I’m exhausted and my bed is calling. My teeth are brushed, the day’s makeup removed and my skin toned and moiturised. I’m all but throwing a podcast on and turning out the lights from being fast asleep. Am I setting an alarm tomorrow morning? Lol, no.

Nighty night. x

A Change Is As Good As A Rest


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