Shall We Have A Catchup?

[left]Shall We Have A Catchup?[/left][right]Shall We Have A Catchup?[/right]

It’s been a while, hasn’t it gang?

I’ve been pretty MIA for a few months now. You’ve had the odd post, and I’ve said hi a few times on instagram, but generally I’ve just not been around.

Really soz, lads. Things have been wild lately. And to be honest, they’re probably not going to slow down for a little while.

So, in what will be a very poor attempt at chronological order (i.e. chronological order but sometimes I’ll remember things and say them) I’m going to fill you in on the last few months.

How does that sound?

Guys it actually feels so weird to even be writing a blog post. I feel like I’ve forgotten how to do it even though I obviously haven’t – it’s like riding an online bicycle.

So what have I been doing? Well…

I finished my MA back in early September.

Honestly that is so so long ago. I handed my dissertation in on 7th September – like two months ago!! I left Durham the day after and haven’t really looked back. I miss a few people, and miss a few things, but I’m quite happy to be back in London with my family and Ollie. I’m going back for a visit next weekend so that’s nice for me, but yeah. I feel like all of that is a bit of a finished chapter.

That’s because I got a Merit in said MA.

I found that out about two-ish weeks ago. Turns out I wasn’t actually that bad at it, and did pretty okay. I’m especially thrilled with my dissertation mark because I’m famously rubbish at dissertations. I loved writing this one and I’m happy that I apparently did the First World War poets justice. All that’s left is graduation (again) in January and I’m out. Goodbye academia.

Shall We Have A Catchup?

[left]Shall We Have A Catchup?[/left][right]
You better werk.

I’ve been working. This part is less exciting because I’m an adult and working is what adults do. That said, I love my job. I really love it. I’m not overly terrible at it and I love the people and the place and it’s just nice. The last two months have absolutely flown by.

I’ve been having a bit of a social media crisis.

Right so I work in instagram stuff. I scroll instagram for hours every single day. I scroll really great instagram accounts for hours every single day. And if I were to come across my own social profiles and not know it was mine, I wouldn’t look twice at them. It’s actually really horrible and makes me really sad.

The trouble is that I also don’t have the time/motivation to do anything about it. All this ‘influencer’ stuff isn’t my job – my job is my job. I like my job. I am a little sad, however, that a lot of years of work seems to be slipping.

This is kinda my cross to bear, so don’t worry your pretty heads about it. I just need a day to sit and brainstorm and come up with an action plan really. I might have a think about it on Monday.


At the moment I just don’t think I’m what people are looking to follow on instagram. You can say what you want, but people do favour the premium gals over the more relatable types, and keeping up with all the trends is bloody exhausting. I don’t know – maybe I’m reading too much into everything.

Oh, I also now wear glasses.

This is probably the update that I find most shocking. Your gal, with her ’20/20 vision’ her whole life, is actually a little short sighted. Not so short sighted that I actually need glasses, but enough for the optician to write it down on some paper for me and recommend some frames. A scandal.

I’m actually thrilled about it because a pair of round black glasses really finish off my ‘I work in advertising in Shoreditch’ vibe quite nicely, but I’m well aware that that also makes me sound like a prick. I think I’m cool and that’s all that matters…

So to surmise:

I have a MA in Theology, wear horrendous shoreditch-wanker glasses, am far too stressed over instagram than I should be, and am totally okay with all of those things. x


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