Candy Lips With Lip Smacker.

Sweetie Lips With Lip Smacker.Sweetie Lips With Lip Smacker.[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his summer weather is so damn drying. Like, sure it’s weirdly humid, and sure I drink enough water, but I can’t help but need to roll in a paddling pool of moisturiser after every single day. My lips are probably the worst. My new job means that I spend the entirety of my day talking to strangers on the street, in all weathers. I literally don’t have more than three minutes at a time where I don’t open my mouth. My lips are like the Sahara, to be honest.

I’m also rubbish at using lip balms. I just get so so bored of them. Like okay yeah I’ll go buy a strawberry one. Three days later? Bored. I don’t want my lips smelling of the same thing, right under my nose, for the rest of my life. Or until the bullet runs out. Or whatever.

So, for the last week, I’ve been trying out Lip Smacker’s new candy range*, as well as some old favourites. Inspired by Starbursts and Skittles, these lip balms are perfect for a little fruity fun this summer, and for keeping your lips smooth and hydrated. I’ve also been trying their Fanta and Coke inspired balms*. It’s like being in my tweens all over again. Don’t even pretend that you weren’t into flavoured lip balms. Don’t lie to me.

Sweetie Lips With Lip Smacker.

From left to right: Starburst Cherry, Skittles Berry Punch, Skittles Green Apple, Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Grape, Coca Cola Lime, Coca Cola Cherry, Starburst Strawberry.

Scent wise, these balms are literally the sweetest things I’ve ever put near, or on, my face. Apart from actual food. They really pack a sugary punch. I dig it. They’re old school. They smell exactly as they’re meant to and taste like your lips are dusted with sugar. I may have smeared some on just to lick back off but we’re all friends here so I know you won’t judge me…

My faves are definitely the Green Apple (because I love any sweet that’s meant to be apple), the Coca Cola Lime (because coke and lime, obviously), and the Starburst Strawberry (because classic sickly sweet strawberry milkshake). I’ve hidden them all over my house, Ollie’s flat, and my various bags and pockets. They’re everywhere. Now when I need a balmy top up, I’m no more than 5 metres away from a super sweet balm.

They are also, scent aside, actually really moisturising on the lips. Normally I’m a little wary of novelty lips stuff like this, probably because of my tween-hood and how cheap they are. These, on the other hand, are pretty sweet. With a conditioning formula of bees’ wax, caster and sesame oil, they soak into the lips as any good balm would, and keep them nourished for a pretty good length of time (unless you lick them off…). I’m pretty impressed.

For a brand that I’ve always associated with being between 11 and 14 years old, I’ve definitely had a little change of heart. Lip Smacker are pretty damn good.

You can find them in store at both Claire’s Accessories and Accessorize.

Sweetie Lips With Lip Smacker.


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