Building Up Your Makeup Wardrobe

Building Up Your Makeup Wardrobe Building Up Your Makeup Wardrobe

Building Up Your Makeup Wardrobe

When I first started blogging, my go-to face of makeup was pretty bad. Not bad as in snog-marry-avoid, but bad as in I had no idea what I was doing and just went for anything that I thought would help. At one point I remember my mum telling me I should probably try using a blusher and I was genuinely confused. I also had those amazing teeny eyebrows that tapered to a fine line of hairs. You know the ones.

That said, I’ve always been okay at makeup because I’ve only ever really stuck to one thing: a nice dark cat-eye and a bit of bronzer.

I only really started growing out and filling in my eyebrows about three months into this whole blogging thing. 2015 really was a year of realising stuff for me. Kylie Jenner stole her whole thing from me.

Throwback to me discovering brow powder that was definitely too orange for me (lol) and rocking the big brow look right into winter before Ollie pointed out that they were actually orange. What a time to be alive.

Looking back over the last few years, I think I’ve done pretty well. I can contour, I can smash a cat-eye despite the dreaded hoods, I can highlight and I can pick colours that actually suit me. I know that a pale pink or a coral blush will suit me infinitely better than a bright pink or a cool tone. I know to go for ashier shades when it comes to browns. I know that expensive isn’t always better, but sometimes it is.

So when I went to take all of these photos (which are SICK, btw) I was actually amazed at how much ~nice~ makeup I actually had.

Not nice as in expensive, but nice as in well reviewed, actually good stuff. Stuff that worked with my face and went with my whole life aesthetic and generally made me happy. Stuff picked up from all over the place, from highstreet to TKMaxx to Sephora. Stuff that I just knew worked.

I know what I’m about now, and I dig that.

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Building Up Your Makeup Wardrobe


It’s really easy to be swayed by what everyone around you is wearing, especially in this business. Bloggers all over the place jumping on hypes and looking down at others for jumping on others. It’s really easy to be caught up in everything and end up putting everything in your basket and blowing a month’s rent at the checkout.

I’ve done that hundreds of times. Not, like, a month’s rent because I’m a student and can barely afford that anyway. Definitely more than I should have on things that someone has said is great that has turned out to be just fine. I bought a cleanser the other day that I saw a great review of on a blog and it’s literally the worst. It does nothing. I think it even made me break out.

Money down the drain, literally.

Over the years I’ve built up quite the collection, through trial and error and trusting my friends. I know that the Tanya Burr contour stick is literally amazing, and the perfect colour for me. I know that I really hate the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – maybe I picked up a dud but the pigmentation is shocking. Give me a nice Rimmel liquid eyeliner any day.

But you can’t find out who you are, makeup wise, without trying it all. I’ve gone through no makeup phases and heavy makeup phases, and I think I’m getting there with finding a balance I’m happy with.

I always have immaculate brows and a thick black flick, but sometimes I just want to wear a BB cream and that’s cool. That’s who I am.

I build my makeup wardrobe based around myself and no one else. x

Building Up Your Makeup Wardrobe


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  • The Happening collective says:

    The photos look so good!!! I definitely relate to this, as lately I have started to figure out what i do and dont like with products. I am spending my money more wisely!

    Tash x /

  • sampan22 says:

    I love that you’re now in touch with who you are! I used to love Maybelline Dream Matte moose, and I used some the other month and it was awful, so it shows how much we’ve progressed! So true about the make up expense, you don’t have to spend loads, when you fall in love with a product, you know its the one for you! Great Post!

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