My Brow Wardrobe.

My Brow Wardrobe.

Massive shout out to Caitlin for helping me with this photo and getting all the super nasty shadows out. Mad respect for her skills.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all went through a bit of a brow journey a few years ago, didn’t we?

I mean, the last two or three years have seen a bit of a brow resurrection. Probably thanks to Cara, definitely thanks to us all realising how ridic we looked with razor-thin brows. Looking back at photos genuinely makes me cringe for me and my eyebrows. Some bad bad times.

As you can see from my little photo over there, in the sidebar, I’m a naturally mousey brown-haired gal. I’ve been through hair phases, like anyone, ranging from super dark, to super white-blonde (with a few awkward orangey home-dye attempts in between). At one point I was so blonde that I had noticeable roots within three days of a hair appointment. I loved that blonde. My hair was such #goals in second year.

Now that I’m back to my (more-or-less) natural colour, perfect for pretending I’m chic when I’m walking around Paris, I can do my brows properly. That’s not to say I couldn’t when I was uber blonde. I just feel more comfortable with a heavy brow now that my hair is somewhat toned down.


In honour of my recovering eyebrows and my never-ending obsession with making them as bold, but natural, as I can, I thought now would be the right time to share my brow wardrobe. Sad but true, I used every single product on the reg. Not all at once though.

Shall we go clockwise from the big guy in the middle? The little black box of eyebrow joy that I go to more than anything else. My Sephora Brow Kit. Two gorgeously rich powders, a soft wax, a mirror, and hidden inside, a brush, some mini tweezers and a spoolie. What more could a gal want? At 15€, or about £12, this is a steal. The powders are beautifully pigmented and suit me perfectly. Not too dark, not too orangey. I use the lightest powder for a school day, or when it’s one of those ‘I want to look nice, but not too nice’ days, and the darker for when I want to be absolutely fire.

My newest addition is also Sephora, and is my new favourite. The Eyebrow Thickener baffled me at first, and each time I walked past I was super intrigued. One day I just bought it. From what I can tell, inside is almost like an aerosol. Fine powder that you shake up and it coats the little sponge stick thing, ready to be painted on. It does go on a little heavy if you don’t wipe the excess, but my oh my is it good for a natural looking brown. Damn. Daayyyymn. I always set it using GOSH’s Clear Brow Gel. Does what it says on the tin.

KIKO’s Automatic Brow Pencil is what I smudge on if I need to head to the shops or if I’m to lazy to play with powders and weird wands. The colour is a little orange for me, and it does tend to dry out a bit, but it gets the job done. My brows look good, I feel good, and I’ve saved alllll the time.

Finally, my longest-serving brow product, the Sleek Brow Perfecter in Light Brown. This is my most low maintenance product and I couldn’t manage without it. It defines the brow and darkens just enough for you to feel like your face is complete. I wore it almost every day last summer and probably will this summer too. It’s light and easy and is perfect for a natural, fresh look.

What are your go to brow products?
Are you obsessed with your brows, too?


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  • Caroline Malone says:

    Oh my god I had a massive disaster brow situation a couple of years ago. I over plucked them badly on the left eyebrow, so basically had half an eyebrow going on – was awful! Lovely photo by the way 😉 I’ve been looking for a new brow gel (one without an annoyingly huge wand (does it?) so I’ll have to take a look at the GOSH one! xx

  • Caterina says:

    i am very obsessed with brows and I tend to make them look darker than what they naturally are but hey! it’s all cara delevingne’s fault!XD

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope

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