British Summertime | Filey Bay

filey10 filey9 filey8 filey7 filey6 filey5filey4filey2 filey3Just over a month ago I shared with you all what I got up to with a friend in the gorgeous Yorkshire seaside town of Filey. Well, I’m back again!

This time I’m hitting Filey with Ollie as part of our little post-exam celebration trip! We arrived on Thursday and leave on Monday morning for London, then back up to Durham for all the end of term fun on Wednesday. Busy busy.

This little photo diary is going to Part I of my Filey related posts – with Part II being all about Saturday’s big clifftop-to-countryside walk. Fingers crossed I’ll get some gorgeous shots with even a seal or two!

Please excuse my face in the last photo. Ollie couldn’t figure out how to frame his photographs and it was annoying me. Seriously, do they not teach basic composition in schools?



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