Breaking Out Of Your Health & Fitness Slump

Health and Fitness SlumpI’m currently in the middle of a major health and fitness slump. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything remotely healthy and its a BAD THING.

Now we all suffer from slumps like this every now and then. Even the most wonderful fitness gods struggle to get up sometimes (I’m assured…). This time, however, my slump has been awful and lengthy and I’ve lost most of the progress and dedication that I worked so hard to gain while at uni. Going from having a gym five minutes away and going every day to having nothing but a rubbish country lane has absolutely ruined me.

So, in an effort to kick start myself again, this post is a little guide on how to break out of such a slump, using my own tried and tested methods from the past. (When I read this back they all pretty sound the same so I’m sorry about that – there’s method to the madness, I promise!)

1. Forgive yourself

Nothing will ever get fixed if you don’t let go of the past. This is definitely the hardest but most effective way to break out of a massive slump. So what I used to be able to smash out a 10k before breakfast? I fully accept that I can’t do that now and will start from a level more suitable. It’ll hurt at first and I’ll get disgustingly frustrated at my lack of ability but there’s nothing I can do and I need to get over that.

2. Write down your SHORT term and LONG term goals

Writing everything down is essential for visualising and achieving your goals. Write them down and put them everywhere as constant reminders of what you’re pushing for. Make short term goals in accordance with your long term. Want to lose 20lbs? Lose 2lbs first! Want to run a half marathon? Maybe focus on 1 mile before you hit 13! Little wins are what keep us pushing and stop us getting disheartened. You didn’t run your 5k but you still ran further than before so you’re already a star.

3. Start really small

If you’re not used to healthy food or exercise anymore, diving straight in is going to be hard. Very hard. If you’re going from being a complete couch potato then heading straight out for a massive run is going to put you off exercise for life. Start by walking your route or even doing a little bit of stop-start jogging. Get your confidence up before you start smashing out PBs! The same goes for healthy eating – don’t throw out everything and dive straight into a quinoa-only diet. You’ll burn out quickly and will get INSANE cravings. Eat your quinoa and avocado but have a little chocolate. You’ll thank me later!

4. Just get on with it

It’s time for a bit of tough love. You just have to get on with it. I’m a firm believer in actually going after the thing you want – I can’t stand a complainer when it comes to things that can just be got done! In order to beat the slump you have to face the slump head on and stomp all over it until its gone. It’ll get easier and you’ll get happier and everything will be that much better but you have to get there, and it will take time. Just keep looking forwards to the day you wake up desperate for a green smoothie and a set of dumbells. It’ll happen, I promise.

Fingers crossed this little bit of tough-love has inspired you. It’s certainly inspired me to write it. I just want to jump up and hit the roads but it’s currently 10pm and dark outside and I’ve just eaten (excuses, excuses) so no running for me right now.

Have you beaten a bad slump lately? Let me know!



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