Boxing Day Walks

Boxing Day WalksBoxing Day WalksBoxing Day WalksBoxing Day WalksBoxing Day Walks Boxing Day Walks

Boxing day walks are a massive tradition for us (and probably for everyone else).

This year in the spirit of blogging, I threw my camera on auto and walked along with my little sister taking a few snaps of the leaves and mud. Please excuse how everything is just a little over exposed.

Boxing Day is one of my favourite days of the year, next to my birthday, bonfire night and, of course, Christmas Day itself. I love chilling at home, still getting through that tin of celebrations from Christmas Eve, fiddling around with presents and watching crappy films. Oh, and going for a looooong walk in the woods.

I’m really lucky to live in the middle of the Sussex countryside and therefore have hundreds of walks and trails right outside my front door. I don’t know what I’d do without the woods and fields so close to home to come back to.

Exciting thing no2. is that I think this post marks the first of many ‘lets just do random things and take photos’ posts that I actually appear in as a real human face. Normally I’m all about photos of things like yeah look at this, but I feel faces just make posts like that so much more interesting, so keep your fingers crossed that I find friends in Paris that are understanding of my need to take horrendously narcissistic photos.

Boxing Day Walks

Do you have any Christmas/Boxing Day traditions?
What are the walks like around you?


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