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I make it no secret that I live in Paris. No secret at all.

I spend a lot of time walking from A to B, jumping through the metro doors as they shut, darting in and out of random boulangeries to pick up croissants or macarons, or both. I’ve been here six months now, and am pretty used to Parisian city life. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything weird that the metro and streets of Paris have to offer me. I actually love city life – something, as a bit of a country girl, I never thought I’d say.

I feel very relaxed in Paris. I feel like I can go a couple of stops on the metro without any makeup at all, in my trackies – something I might not do in London. I walk to the market in slippers sometimes, and I always go to the supermarket in my slippers. School is slightly different – obviously I can’t really wear my pyjamas – and, as I’m there all day, every day, frankly I’m exhausted of waking up and putting on a medium/full face of makeup.

This is where Bourjois come in. That fabulous French makeup brand who have now created a foundation for people like me. City living lazy gals who want to look like they’ve thought about themselves but really they were probably thinking about what to have for lunch: the City Radiance Foundation.

I picked up mine in Monoprix in the colour ‘ivory rose’ – at first I wasn’t sure whether to go for the shade darker (‘vanilla’) but I decided that I could always add a bit of bronzer, so ‘ivory rose’ it was. For the palest colour in the range, it’s not that pale. They also don’t go especially dark. Classic high-street beauty brand.

As I say, the City Radiance foundation is specifically formulated to keep you pretty, in the city, with light/medium coverage (perfect for school/work). The light formula contains an ‘anti-pollution screen’ that ‘reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin’ – interesting. I’ll be honest, not sure what that really means. I do know, however, that when I wash my face at the end of the day, more than just makeup tints the water a beige-grey so clearly they are on to something. Paris is filthy so I’m willing to give it a go.

It also contains SPF 30 which is amazing for a high-street foundation. Normally I have to settle for 10-15 but seriously, with such a high SPF and such a light texture, I’m so excited to wear this into Spring and Summer.

Bourjois City Radiance FoundationOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What do I actually think of the City Radiance foundation when it’s actually on my face?

Well, I genuinely have found my new everyday foundation. I’ll be honest, it does feel more like a strong BB cream than a foundation style foundation – it isn’t thick or cakey like foundations tend to be. But, as my skin is pretty good, this is exactly what I need. I tend to find heavy foundations irritating so… yeah, winning. Weirdly, despite its light-ish coverage, it covers marks and blemishes really bloody well. In fact, I’ve started dapping it on like a concealer instead of my beloved Urban Decay. Something about this stuff just sticks to your face and stays there, but not in a heavy sticky way. It actually feels really smooth on the skin.

Perhaps the only downside to the City Radiance foundation is that it does tend to cling a little. I didn’t think I had dry skin until I used this for the first time but I did really notice it on my forehead after a few hours. That said, I hadn’t exfoliated in forever and it does now go on fabulously, post exfoliation. I haven’t tried it with a primer yet, mainly because I use it as my lazy school day foundation and genuinely just can’t be bothered to wear full makeup first thing in the morning. Basically, as long as you keep your skin happy, and look after your face, this foundation will work wonders.

In fact, when this one runs out, and it will, I will 99% be purchasing another tube. It really is the perfect combo of foundation coverage but BB lightness. Perfect for lectures and perfect for spring/summer.


Have you tried the City Radiance foundation yet?
Do you prefer a heavier foundation or a lighter one?


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