The Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' Mascara

The lighting has finally decided to be good to me, not that it really helped to be honest. I’m in such a funk with my blog photos. Maybe I’m just tired.

Anyway, recently I ran out of mascara. My lovely Benefit They’re Real! had gone dry and a bit meh on me. What used to be a three coat mascara application turned into a seven or eight coat application that began to drag on the eyes just a little too much. (I don’t have very thick natural eyelashes…)

I was recommended Too Faced’s ‘Better Than Sex’ by at least half a dozen people. So, torn between just settling with another Benefit mascara, and branching out into a brand I’ve actually never tried before, I set off on the 10 minute walk to Sephora (yeah, be jealous).

I bloody love Sephora and honestly couldn’t remember life before it. I don’t know what I’m going to do in June when I have to rely on awful places like ‘department stores’ to get my higher end beauty fix. Does Durham even have anything like that? Ugghhhh I don’t want to order online.

So I stood between Benefit and Too Faced, trying to only look at the mascaras but really I also had my eye on a few other ‘staple’ bits. I’m quite proud that I only came out with the mascara to be honest.

Obviously, I went for the Better Than Sex because why the hell not. I’ve heard great things and fancied a change.


I’m over the moon to be honest. You can see from this instagram shot that it really makes my eyes pop after only ONE coat. Yep. One. One coat of mascara and I have eyelashes. Wow.

The formula is very different to the They’re Real!. It’s a little wetter, a little clumpier and goes on quite a bit thicker. For someone like me, this is actually a really good thing as I simply do not have time to apply a million coats of mascara every morning. However, if you are blessed with the lashes of a thousand camels then you might find this a little heavy and clumpy. Who knows. I’m not you. I can’t say.

It also comes off at the end of the day soooo much easier than the Benefit. Like so much easier. Like I only have to remove my eye-makeup once, maybe twice, for it actually to have gone. Unlike the They’re Real!, which needs its own remover for God’s sake, it can be fully removed with normal, bottom of the barrel, eye-makeup remover. Because of this I probably wouldn’t recommend wearing it to the gym if you’re that way inclined. On the bright side, it does last a good 10 hours without flaking or sliding off which is more than enough time so it’s all chill. Definitely worth it for the volume and length it gives.

And as for that packaging? Damn. Embossed frosted pink, you are just divine.

(Also, I’m not sure but I think there’s a little vacuum thing inside to keep the air out when you close it because it closes and then it closes if you get what I’m saying. There’s like a little whoosh of air in the last twist. Also the handle is weighted which is the dream.)


Have you tried the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara?
What’s your opinion on Too Faced on the whole?

Bonus question: my photos have suddenly started going kinda grainy, yknow? I’ve tried editing different and settings and all sorts. Anyone know what’s up? Anyone else even noticed?


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