The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]aris is a massive bubble of instagram goodness. Every street has something to photograph. Whether you’re into totally modern skyscrapers or chic Parisian apartments, you’ll definitely find something beautiful in the French capital.

Since I’ve now been living here for 10 whole months, I see myself as a bit of a semi-expert on where to take alright instagram shots. I’ve had a look through my own gram (take a look here) and chosen a few of my fave places to share with you all. Just in case you’re heading off to the Paz soon, and are looking for a little bit of inspiration.

Shall we start from the top? Literally?

The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.


Home of the artists, the moulins and some of the steepest bloody hills of all time, Montmartre and the surrounding area is a sea of glorious colours, secret side streets and bustling Parisian cafés. I live on the complete other side of Paris, so tend not to head up to Montmartre very often, but when I do it’s like a snap-happy haven!

The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram. The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.


I’m obsessed with the Palais Royal, but we all know that. I seriously can’t get enough. The gorgeous sandy architecture, the fun humbug thingies, the magnolia in the spring: divine. I pop in every single time I pass by, for obvious reasons. I can’t recommend it enough for the old instagram, blog photos, outfit shots, whatever you like.

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There are a fair few carousels in Paris. From the Tuileries, to the Eiffel tower, to outside the town hall. They’re everywhere and they’re just stunning. Some of my all time most liked insta shots have been of the carousels of Paris, for obvious reasons. The one above is in the Tuileries, just before the exit for the Place Vendome. Stunning.

The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.


I’m lucky enough to live in the same road as one of the best markets in Paris, because I’m jammy like that. Every Sunday morning I head up in my trackies to pick up a few bits and bobs, and always a fresh bunch of flowers. At the moment peonies are in season and the market is just gorgeous. Even if you’re not in a position to pick up a bunch of flowers, you can always just snap away at the rows and rows of blooms. Always a win.

The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.


Specifically, the view. I really do bang on and on about the view from the Pantheon, don’t I? A fabulous 360 degree view, all around the cupola, from the top of Mont St. Genevieve. Paris is definitely best viewed from above and the Pantheon is a perfect example. I live right behind the Pantheon too, so bonus points if you can spot my flat while you’re up there. Challenge yourself.

The ‘steps’ from Midnight In Paris are also just around the corner from the Pantheon, next to the ‘English pub’ so watch out for them. Y’know the ones? Where he sits at midnight and the bells chime and the car suddenly appears? Lol, I live there.

The Best Places In Paris For: Instagram.


Those pyramids? That architecture? Those grey paving slabs in between? The instagram dream. The juxtaposition is just perfect, but I guess that’s the point. I love snapping shots of the Louvre through the pyramids for some reason. Another perfect place for the odd outfit shoot too! Don’t forget that inside the main pyramid is also super cool: looking up through the spike is just fab!


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay so maybe I haven’t included EVERY instagrammable place in Paris – these are just my favourites. To add to the list: le Marais, St. Germain, the Eiffel Tower (obv – although I don’t like the green, personally), any of the jardins, the Seine in general, Notre Dame, basically anywhere and everywhere in Paris.

In truth the places I’ve included are the places I spend the most time. Everyone has their own Paris and as I live in the Latin Quarter, and go to school in the 6th and at the Louvre, I end up around there more than anywhere else. Your Paris may be completely different. I grant you, my Paris does not have a lot of edge.

What’s the most instagrammable thing about your home?
Have I missed anywhere super important to you?


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