Beauty Resolutions For The Next 12 Months

Beauty Resolutions For The Next 12 Months

Nothing ground breaking from me today, sorry. If anything, this post is going to be me telling you that I’m going to try to do the things you probably do already. As much as I love shiny makeup and skincare, I’m still a bit rubbish at it.

To keep myself looking good (and feeling good, most importantly) I’ve decided to set myself a few resolutions for 2018 that focus specifically on my face. My round, slightly blotchy face.

Drink more water.

Good for your skin, good for your body, good for your mind. The holy trinity of things a thing could be good for. Trust me, I have a Theology degree.

Hit pan wayyy more often.

Sometimes I finish makeup, and sometimes (more often) I don’t and it gets forgotten or even thrown away. I actually just did a small clear-out and now I feel guilty because some of things that didn’t make the cut are actually fine and I just don’t need them because I have so many alternatives. I say this every single day, but it’s time to stop buying new makeup unless I need it.

Beauty Resolutions For The Next 12 Months
Beauty Resolutions For The Next 12 Months

Beauty Resolutions For The Next 12 Months

Figure out what the deal is with face masks.

I try to mask it up once a week or so but, I’ll be honest, there’s no rhyme or reason to which mask I use, when. I know that one is great when I have a few blemishes popping up, and another is great for soft skin, but aside from that I haven’t a clue. It’s served me well so far, but I’d like to get a little more clued up.

Take better care of my hair.

I’m in a bit of a funk with my hair at the moment. I’m growing it out and I’m not sure that I actually want to. I love it short, and from what I remember I love it long – right now it feels a bit in-betweeny and I’m just not feeling it. So, here’s the plan: less dry shampoo, more deep conditioning and generally better care/styling. Everything’s going to be fine.

What about the rest of my body?

When was the last time I moisturised anything other than my face? Or fake tanned (lol – not really me but also I kinda want to)? I honestly can’t remember when the last time I shaved my legs was. And hey, I don’t have to do any of these things but I actually think I want to. I want to make more of an effort so I feel put together more often, rather than just a dry, hairy, snowman in trackies. x



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  • I also need to drink more water and hit pan more! I’ve been pretty good so far with not buying makeup that I don’t need, but I need to start rotating my products and using more of what I already have in my collection xo

    Char |

  • Izzy K says:

    I really need to get on the face mask hype too! Loved this post xxx

  • Bex Moore says:

    I pretty much relate to all of these points! I definitely need to figure out face masks too – I have a few but the choices are overwhelming and I don’t know where to start! I definitely need to drink more water too. Loved the post x

  • Christy Llewellyn says:

    Your blog is so beautiful! I’m trying to use up my products more too, sometimes it’s good to shop in your own makeup bag 🙂
    Christy x

  • I’ve bought a water tumbler type thing (like a big coffee cup with a straw in) and it helps me drink litres of water each day so definitely try that if you want to up your water intake! I go to Lush for my face masks because even though the store assistants can be super energetic and conversational, they actually do help you find the right face masks for your skin problems- I usually get samples of a few to try out before committing to the full sized product. I like how basic and simple your resolutions are, there’s nothing crazy and overly difficult which makes them so much more accessible. I hope it all goes well for you <3

    Dalal //

  • Polly says:

    Just stumbled across your blog and it’s BEAUTIFUL! I definitely need to drink more water – I can’t live off tea forever.. (or can I?)

    Polly |

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