Beauty Pie: First Impressions

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I can’t believe we’re doing this?! Like, it’s me, Imii, writing a blog post about some skincare? Is this 2017? Am I doing my MA? Am I sitting alone in my far-too-hot/cold loft room in the North East? Madness.

Well, yes hello. I am writing a post about skincare. For you. Hope you’re all still there somewhere…. How do these things normally begin?

A while ago the kind people at Beauty Pie sent me a little gift: the Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm. I’d never tried Beauty Pie, but I’d heard of it. It was one of those brands where I was like, ‘I know what that is, but like, I don’t quite get it?’ I’m sure you probably feel the same. I won’t lie, a lot of the products also look like other products if you know what I mean. And a subscription service? What? Overall, I wasn’t completely sold. Just another beauty brand with pretty packaging.

So anyway, cut to trying the Cleansing Balm. Oh HELLO. What can I say? I loved it. Think the BodyShop Camomile Cleansing Butter but like, nicer? Better? The Cleansing Balm smells delicious and removes makeup like a dream, without drying out my already dry dry skin. It removes heavy makeup, can deal with my extra strong eyeliners, and generally is just a dream to use. My go to for days where I’m wearing a real life foundation and contour and all of that stuff, etc.

I feel like such a dumb bitch for not including it in the photo. I didn’t even think of it as it’s such a staple. Well, here is the link. It’s green, in a tub – you get the idea.

Can I just say – for all of the products – how nice and heavy all the packaging/bottles/tubs are? It feels really luxurious. Just a fun perk.

Lately Beauty Pie has hit a real boom in popularity. All of the influencers are suddenly talking about it – their PR team are doing a fabulous job, clearly. And, as we know, I am a sucker for hype. I own I think everything Glossier has ever made. Their moisturiser brought me out in a rash and yet yes of course I just spent £16 on their hand cream. It’s me, CEO of buying things I don’t need because I think it has a great vibe.

Here we are in lockdown in 2020. How times have changed. I have purple hair now and actual money in my bank account that I don’t owe the government. Huge.

Can we talk about Beauty pie again?

Yes, sorry. I’m still trying to remember how this is done.

So Beauty Pie is essentially a beauty subscription service where you pay something like £10 a month, to get their products at a discount price. It’s a membership thing. You pay to be a member and then as a member you can then buy the products – but the products are cheaper.

Yeah I’m not really sure on that either. It feels like paying to have the honour of paying. I wonder if I’d feel more comfortable with the concept if it was like ‘pay £50 a month and get £70 of products’ or whatever… but then would I sign up to something that was so upfront about charging me £50 a month?

Quite honestly, I’d rather just pay slightly more for the products and not have to pay for a membership but there we go.

I guess the £10 a month is like a ‘well now I’ve spent the £10 I might as well buy £50 worth of products’ thing.

Anyway, regardless of what I prefer, I did it so it can’t be that bad. I paid my £10 membership fee and then, apparently, ordered £200 of stuff for £57. That seems like a great price doesn’t it. I actually got a fair amount for just over fifty quid too. There’s no option to pay the £200 and not have a membership though so like, I’m not actually saving money by doing it. Does that make sense? The more you spend the more you save thing doesn’t necessarily apply here? But then I wouldn’t spend £200 but would spend £57.

I feel like I’m being really harsh on the whole concept. In truth I actually think its quite a clever way of running your business, especially a beauty brand with simple, millennial-inspired design.

Here’s their page on Price Transparency for you to read and digest in your own time.

What about the products tho?

Regardless of the membership scheme, I actually think their products are amazing. I’ve already told you about the cleansing balm so you’ll know that I’m already sold on that.

I’m just going to go through everything else one by one as I think I’ve waffled enough. You’re all here for the actual skincare and I respect that. I’d have skipped down to here too.

Super Healthy Skin Sheer Tinted Oil-Free SPF20: I’ve been wearing the It Cosmetics CC cream everyday for basically a year – for a CC cream its surprisingly heavy. I wanted something lighter for the summer that I can just throw on with some mascara and go. This is great. The colour is a little orange, as with all good tinted moisturisers, but I can get over that for the SPF and the feel on the skin. I’m happy and will be wearing this in beer gardens when we’re allowed out again.

Superbrow Fine Precision Pencil: I really like this. I won’t lie, it’s essentially identical to the NYX one that I use every day, but I like that one and I like this one. I went for the cool brown, as is my usual shade, and it’s a brilliant match. Very good.

Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Cleanser: I love this. I actually bought it for Ollie as I’m trying to ween him off a Garnier cleanser (no shade) and luckily he loves this. He says it smells like a hotel and that is a good thing in his eyes. From me, it’s super creamy and takes everything off really nicely. The clay in the formula means you finish up squeaky clean. A win.

Superdrops High Intensity Hydration: The promise of ‘high intensity hydration’ is honestly such a draw for me. My skin spends 90% of the year a dry dry mess. I really like how this serum isn’t gloopy. It’s an oil, which is nice, but not in that thick, spread all over the face way. It’s a lot lighter and dewy-er (?) and yeah, I’m really excited to keep using this. Feels v luxurious in a lovely soft way.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum: This is the bad boy that I think everyone is talking about. Hannah Gale’s Hyaluronic Acid of choice, I believe. I actually tend not to get on with things like this (the Glossier Super Bounce is meh on my skin). Usually this particular acid is packaged in the iconic pink bottle but the current batch (my batch) is in white. The pink is coming back though, don’t worry. I LOVE the texture – thin and not gloopy or sticky like others – and it leaves my skin feeling quite dewy.

Uber Volume Boost Mascara: I struggle with mascaras. There have only ever been two that have made my eyelashes more than tiny stumps of shame: the IT Cosmetics Superhero and Too Faced’s Better Than Sex. I wasn’t expecting this mascara to be right for me, as most aren’t. Also it was free with my order so what can you do, eh? I actually really like this mascara but not for like, going out. It’s really hard for me to say anymore more though as your eyelashes could be naturally good in which case this mascara is probably really great. I will wear this mascara to work, and to the pub in the summer.

So, that’s them!

All very top line at the moment, as you can see. I’ve been using everything for a few days and so far I’m happy with what I chose. I also have a my eye on a few more bits so will be extending into the next month.

How about I write a follow up in a month or so with how my skin has really got on? A few days isn’t really enough time for a full review, as we all know.

If you want to give Beauty Pie a go, and at this moment in time I would definitely recommend that you do, you can follow this link for your first month of membership free. *I do receive credit to my account if you keep using, just FYI

See you in a few weeks, legends x


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