Back To University Kitchen Picks

Back To University Kitchen Picks

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s September, and that can mean only one thing: (MY BIRTHDAY and) getting back to the grind stone. Whether you’re going back to school or college or, like me, getting back into the swing of things at uni, September is the month where everything just starts up again. Or maybe you’re starting a new chapter entirely? My little sister starts at Southampton like next week or something, so that’s pretty big and exciting for her – and worrisome for the rest of us…

If you are going back to the student lifestyle, or are leaping in from scratch, Steamer Trading have you covered. When their lovely PR people dropped me an email, I was more than excited to jump on board for their excellent Back To Uni campaign.

(Especially as this might be the last time I ever properly go ‘back to uni’ *cry cry cry real job adulthood cry* – unless I take the MA I’ve been threatening everyone with for the last year or two. Who needs money, right?)

I’m going to jump straight in and show you some of the super cool stuff that Steamer have to keep us students happy as a clam (and pretty damn well fed). There’s so much amazing stuff so I’m just going to have to dive in, rather than try to be sneaky about fitting it all in seamlessly. It also means I have to stop thinking about ways to pad this little introduction out before we get down to it. Don’t you always find the little bits like this so hard to write? I’m like ugh, get to the thing now!

Back To University Kitchen Picks

I’m going to start with my two absolute favourite bits of kit, because I’m lazy and these two are going to be my heroes over the next year. I’m going back into my Durham college, and that means catered food (mainly potatoes) but we all need a little snack meal now and again, don’t we? The Cuisinart 2-in-1 Grill & Sandwich Maker* is just to die for. With changeable hot plates, for (you guessed it) grilling and making toasties, this is the ultimate lazy student kitchen aid. We had a rubbish little grill in thing in first year and it was the bane of my life, so I’m so excited to get this back up to Durham and set everyone loose on it. I’m sensing a big toastie night in the next month or two? Or maybe just a back-from-Klute snack… In case you were still full after a massive toastie, the Joie Microwave Popcorn Maker* makes amazing microwave popcorn in about three minutes, without the need to buy expensive microwave popcorn packs or bags. Just some kernals, a bit of butter and sugar, and the dissertation/movie night snack is ready.

Back To University Kitchen Picks

In my second and third year at uni, I lived off stirfries. I’d go down to the local greengrocer and buy £15 worth of vegetables, and get through it all over the course of the week. Pasta makes a super cheap alternative to noodles if you can’t get any, and a little bit of soy and ground ginger make the perfect sauce. I had a ginger, soy and pak choi stirfry at least once a day in second year – less while I was in Paris because veg was just so expensive! I did, however, have to make my creations in a mediocre frying pan. I didn’t have the Kitchen Craft Non-stick Pure Oriental Wok* to help me out. Woks are actually the best. So deep and big and just imagine how many vegetables you could wilt down in that?! More than enough to fit in your Maxwell pasta bowl* and plates*, right? (See what I did there?) I’d have also killed to have a decent spiraliser as I had to make do with a blunt julienne peeler, or just a lot of patience and a sharp knife. This Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer* would have been perfect.

Honestly, second year Imii is so jealous of fourth year Imii right now. Look at those pretty knives?! The knives in my uni house were so rubbish and I went out and bought a knife sharpener and spent so much time trying to sort them out and ugh. This Zyliss 3-piece Santoku Knife Set* is just fantastic, and exclusive to Steamer Trading, AND is currently on offer! I’m a big fan of knives that some with blade covers, especially when they’re such bright colours. The Purple Mini Santoku Knife is my favourite. I love a big knife. My fingers are covered in scars from trying to cut things like tomatoes with meat cleavers. I’m a mess.

Back To University Kitchen Picks

Finally, let’s talk about the most important part of being a student: drinking. Nah, I’m kidding. You all know I don’t do any of that drinking stuff so… yeah. The most important part of being a student, for me, is tea. Endless cups of tea. Tea in bed, tea in a carry-mug in lectures, illegal cups of tea smuggled under your coat into the library. Tea everywhere. Get yourself a mug (preferably a white Maxwell one*). If you do fancy partaking in the demon drink, and by all means do, then you’ll need to top up on water the next day. So much water. To make it just that little bit less painful, get yourself a Infruition Fruit Infusing Sport Water Bottle* and at least do something productive with your morning, i.e. cut up some fruit with your fun new knives! No one can get at you for being hungover and grumpy if you’ve got yourself some healthy fruit and hydrating water. No one. (Just don’t make a mess).

Back To University Kitchen Picks

What are your back to uni kitchen essentials? How desperate are you for a toastie right now?

This post was brought to you with Steamer Trading.


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  • Cate Cruse says:

    Awww this has made me really miss uni. Definitely do a masters if you can! xx

    The perks of being a hipster blog

  • woodenwindowsills says:

    Haha so many seamless links thrown in there…!! 😉 Now I’ve been working for a few years, there are some things I miss about uni, but definitely a lot of perks to being an adult adult. Less time, more money and responsibility, but a big sense of achievement and purpose! Alice xxx

  • Some great stuff there! Stir frys and toasties are the best (and good god if I couldn’t have a good cup of tea every day I don’t know what I’d do!) at uni. I’m going into my third year now and definitely need to get myself another wok!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

  • Oh my, I need that popcorn maker in my life! xx

  • Immy May says:

    OWWW I WANNA GO BACK! I miss uni so much, especially getting prepped for it all – I remember my first day of halls so clearly, such fond memories! My boyf is just about to start his masters eeeep! Immy x

  • Amber Davey says:

    Wow I wish I was sent all this stuff when I was at uni haha! I’m sure some of it isn’t too expensive – but let’s be honest, what student on earth can afford that grill and sandwich maker?! We could barely afford a kettle! I Like, I seriously couldn’t have afforded such decent things like this. Most of our stuff was what we found in the house already (which was mostly disgusting and needed cleaning on the first day lolz).

    I’m so very jealous!

    (I would actually be interested in knowing if there are students out there who can afford that kind of thing and how haha)

    Amber Love Blog

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