April Goals

April Goals

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pril is here and that can only mean one thing: time to (write and) hand in my dissertation! Woooo! Okay it might also mean some other things too, but that’s kind of a big one. Also, don’t you just love this photo? It’s up on the terrance of our riad in Marrakech and oh my oh my I’m obsessed with the colour combo. Pink and orange and blue and heaven.

Anyway, as I say, as well as my dissertation hand in day falling right at the end of April, I also have a few other little goals to get sorted before May rolls around. Let’s take a look!


Enough said.


This one is weird because I literally take photos every single day. What I mean by this, however, is take more photos of things that actually matter to me. Less of the fakey instagram stuff (or, like, just enough of that) and more photos with friends that I just keep for myself. I’ve already started capturing more with my polaroid, so the spring light is perfect for keeping that going!


This is such a lame one because what does it even mean? For me this means eating less crap, making sure I put myself first when it comes to stress, school and everything else (at least for a little while) and cutting myself some slack re: having no idea what I’m going to do once I graduate. Just have to keep on going.


This one is also a pretty weird one as I go outside every single day, numerous times. However, with lectures stopping and revision/diss writing on the cards, I need to prioritise getting fresh air over having a Netflix break. Time to sit by the lake, walk through the woods, or just take a stroll into town along the river. It’s nice to clear your head once in a while.


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