Essential Apps For Parisian Living

The Apps I Couldn't Live Without: Paris The Apps I Couldn't Live Without: Paris

Where would we be without technology, eh? Real talk.

I mean, for a start, we wouldn’t be here writing and reading blogs, would we? Nah. Lol can you imagine if we all wrote and published our own magazines? Think of the trees! We’re so eco-friendly this way….

As anyone who has ever been lived in a city, visited a city, or even looked at a picture of city knows, they can be a nightmare. Public transport and maps and shops and people (+languages) – basically even the day-to-day normal stuff can be a chore.

Ugh like when the metro just stops randomly in a tunnel for 20 minutes and the driver is babbling on in French about how it’ll be sorted soon and everyone is just so annoyed and tired that we all just nod at each other like ‘yes, I too am bored of the city’.

Anyway, here are some of the apps that get me through each day, making Parisian living just that little bit brighter:

Citymapper: Citymapper is a lifesaver. Think google maps, tube map and tourist info all in one, for ANY city. I mean not literally any city – I’m not sure Guildford is on it, for example. BUT not the point. Simply tap in where you want to go, or find it on the map, and press go. BAM all the different routes, organised by speed, efficiency, and whether or not you want to use the buses or just the metro. A life saver. Fab in Paris. Fab in London. Probably fab everywhere else. There are also a few offline maps, like the metro map or street map, for when your data is running a little low!

Velib’: So y’know Boris Bikes? Well, it turns out they have them everywhere. In France they’re run by Velib’, and are super cheap. A day pass is 1,70€ (unlimited use up to 30mins at a time) which is amazing when you consider that a metro ticket is 1,40€ for a one way journey. You can also, like me, grab a YEAR LONG pass for 29€. Literally though. The app is also super-duper. There’s a map of all the bicycle points AND electric car points (for real you can hire an electric car just like the bikes) as well as an account section where you can purchase day and week tickets. YASSS.

Revolut: For about three months, Revolut were my lifesavers. It took a solid three months for me to set up a bank account in France. Three whole months. Seriously. Revolut on the other hand, takes about a week to sort, start to finish. It’s basically a currency card, run through an app on your phone, that lets you skip out those nasty currency exchange fees when abroad. No more worrying about how much your bank is going to charge you to use your card, when your wedge of euros has run out. Simply top it up in £s from your bank account and then, in the app, change it into whatever currency you need! Then use the card they send you like a normal bank card. You can even run direct debits off it if you need to! Best part? Completely free.

Google Translate: Another life saver – but do I even need to explain why? Translate anything into anything with a pretty okay degree of accuracy (enough to get by on, anyway). My favourite part is the photo translate bit. Just snap a photo of a French sign, menu, text-book… and it translates it before your eyes! Hoorah!

FaceTime: Lol this is only cause I miss my friends and family and boyfriend and am needy so like to call people a lot. I genuinely couldn’t live without FT. Skype is just darn awful in comparison. I love you FT. I love you.

Snapchat: Another that doesn’t need explaining. Snapchat is fabulous (and not just because I look hella good in those skin smoothing purple eyed filters they have going on…). Possibly my favourite thing about Snapchat in Paris, however, is the location stamps. Always there, always fabulous for showing everyone that you live in Paris and are on top of your game. Life will never get better than this. It’s also useful for seeing what’s going on in Paris today without trying to translate the news. The local Paris story is always running and always covering whatever protest is happening or whatever surprise electro festival right outside your flat … yeah.

What are your essential apps for your home town?
Are there any that you can recommend?



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