Alright legends! Welcome to imii mace dot com, and more specifically, welcome to the ‘about’ page. You’ve probably come here to find out a little bit more about me. Well, who am I to disappoint?

My name’s Imii and I’m a 20 something year old full time Virgo, part time slob. I know, I’m sorry – that was probably the wankiest thing I’ve ever said.

This is all very blind datey, isn’t it…

I wrote a big bio for myself back in like, 2017 and instead of re-writing it I’m just going to amend/add annotations. Sounds like a fun thing to do, and not self deprecating at all.

I started this blog, then called nettle&blackberry (lol), in the summer of 2015 as a fab way of procrastinating while I was meant to be revising for my second year exams. Now, five years later, I’m an adult with a job? I have a masters degree? Look at me go!

What started as random musings, a few beauty reviews, and a few snaps of sunny days out, quickly became what you see now, with a helping hand from a little year in Paris. (lol I wrote this line two years ago and I’m keeping it in because it’s funnyyyy)

Living and (barely) studying in Paris for 10 months inspired me to take my content and photography to the next level. Trips to the best Parisian landmarks, bistros and markets, as well as a more personal posts on finding the Parisian life and language a little tough, quickly became my blogging bread and butter. (2018 *I believe* me was adorable – look at me trying to sugar coat what was a really difficult year for me)

But what can you expect from imii mace dot com?

Well, now you’re asking! Anything and everything. Literally. Think long chats with a big mug of tea, travel snaps, food and drink, fun days out, beauty and style, and everything else. Just your classic Ravenclaw gal writing about everything going on around her. (I stand by this because I am categorically a Ravenclaw)

Just watch this space!