A Winter H&M Home Wishlist

A Winter H&M Home WishlistAs Paris seems to have completely ignored Autumn and gone straight for Winter (and, dare I say it, Spring…) I thought a little winter H&M Home wishlist was in order!

Paris is blessed with only one H&M Home in a really obscure part of the city. I mean, not massively obscure as I live about a 20 minute walk from it, but obscure enough that you’d only really go down there for H&M (and the library).

Because of this obscurity I’ve been spending a lot of time on their website, especially in their new arrivals section. So, in honour of that, here are six of my absolute favourite little bits from H&M Home.

Breton Striped Cotton Cushion Cover Okay, so maybe not massively wintry but hey, ho. I posted on instagram recently about my ever-growing collection of Breton style jumpers and my huge love of stripes. I mean seriously, LOVE of stripes. (Did you know I live in Paris?) I adore this little cushion for this reason and this reason only.

Reindeer Christmas Present Sack : Reindeer and presents are a winning combination. I actually think reindeer are one of my all time favourite animals and Christmas would be nothing without them. I also love the rustic, traditional vibe of this sack. Nothing says Christmas more than being warm and cosy waiting for Santa.

Jacquard-Wave Cushion Cover : Well, if this cushion isn’t winter stuffed with feathers, I don’t know what is? Some serious frozen vibes here. I don’t normally go in for the sparkly side of Christmas (far too traditional for my own good) but the soft shine on this really caught my eye. I think it compliments the whole collection perfectly!

Pine Tree Scented Candle : Do I even need to explain this? Even though I’ve been living in my apartment for over two months now, it still smells a little like wet paint. Sad, sad times. Obviously I’ve been loving the French scented candles but this little beauty would just make my year. Parisian evenings in bed with a good book and the scent of Christmas, anyone?

3-Pack Mini Glass Vases : I love a good ‘thing’. It’s embarrassing really. I mean, what am I actually going to do with three tiny glass bottles? Ah well, sometimes we don’t need reasons for things and I definitely don’t need a reason for these. Think of the blog photos!

Advent Candle : I think I’ve saved the best ’til last. I bloody love a good Advent candle/calendar/anything. At school when I was tiny we had an advent candle and each day someone in the class would light it. Being right in the middle/end of the alphabet school had always ended by the time my name came up so I never got to do it. Cry. Since then I’ve been obsessed with advent candles. Neurosis much?

Is there anything you’re lusting after this winter? Are you still far too Autumnal to even think about Christmas yet?

Is that even such a thing?



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