A Seaside Stop: Filey, North Yorkshire


The drive up to Durham, from home, is about six hours – not too bad. However, my parents then have to go home again. Luckily we happen to own a tiny terrace house in the Yorkshire town of Filey, right by the sea.

From what I know about Filey from my northern friends, its a bit of a holiday spot. Every time I tell someone I have a house here people’s eyes seem to light up and suddenly I have to hear all about that time they went there when they were little. (I’m kidding, I love hearing it! Really!)
So this is where I happen to be now, or at least until late morning before continuing up to Durham.

I’m actually here with a good friend so we’ve had a pretty cute time – walks along the beach, losing our coppers in the amusements and (weirdly, for Filey) buying freshly made juices and milkshakes from a café on the shore… so I thought I’d share a few photos of yesterday afternoon in the town I associate with my late Grandma Catherine, fresh crabs, and smashing my front teeth out on a see-saw when I was seven.

filey2Filey beach is massive, seriously big. Even on its busiest days you can still find somewhere to put up your wind breaker on the sand. At one end is Flamborough Head, complete with lighthouse, and the other is Filey Brigg (a long rocky outcrop from which you can see birds, seals and even porpoises). The rock pools are also incredible and you can find all sorts of weird things in them – from seaweed to crabs, anemones and fish.

filey4Sadly, when we went down to the shore the tide was in so we didn’t get a lot of rock-pooling in. Shame. So instead we put a few 2ps in the slots and then decided to get ourselves some refreshments – think oreo milkshake and a fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice! Not going to lie, I think they forgot to add the apple but it still tasted good and was an amazing shade of orange – seriously so bright – that it wasn’t a massive problem. I think fruit and veg is still quite new to Filey – its very much fish n’ chips or nothing just kidding.

Tomorrow my hard work really begins, with revision for gross exams and getting fitter and healthier towards my trip to Bali with the boy (just under 12 weeks away whaaaat?!) I always think its nice to start a journey somewhere comforting and familiar, especially if the journey is going to be difficult. Filey is somewhere I have been coming to since I was a baby, and somewhere I will continue to come to as I get older and older, no matter what happens in between each visit. In fact, I’ll be back with Ollie at the end of May, straight after exams, so that’s a perfect example! Even though the North Sea and coast is just the coldest in the universe and you wouldn’t dare go in, let alone wear a t-shirt without a jumper.


And hey, the amazing Penne Arrabbiata that I had last night at San Marco was a pretty good last supper before all the healthy eating and revision begins!

Here’s a useful link to some fabulous Filey Tourist Information!


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